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First Post!

HELLO. Shizuka here. I set up this so it’s easier for me to log my cosplay progress instead of writing shit in my old blog. .8D I’ll be posting everything cosplay-related here, from plans to construction progress to photoshoots to events coverage.

Anyway, a quick recap. I recently had a Kanda Yuu shoot with Miki as photographer. Check out her site – www.dooodleslove.com

The weather was horrible. It rained like hell through almost all of the shoot, but we managed to make the best of it. The pictures were fantastic, thanks Miki. ❤ I might want to upload the photoset here soon but for now, please visit my dA page for a few shots.

This Sunday (which is like tomorrow orz) there’s the Cosplay Matsuri thingy at Vivocity. I won’t be cosplaying. HEHE. But I’ll be going down to look-see and support any friends who’re cosplaying. I predict a fair share of uhh. You know. But oh well. 8)

Upcoming shoots – Akatsuki. AHBU. I CAN’T WAIT TO SHOOT WITH JOO AGAIN. T_T


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