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Caged Songbird pt.I

I think there’s not a bigger melting pot of trouble than Yazawa Ai’s fictional band from NANA.

Serizawa Reira is the female vocalist of Trapnest. On the surface, she’s the ideal Japanese female idol. She’s gorgeous, composed and has an angelic voice. Behind the scenes, she’s confused, insecure, and sometimes bratty.

Before I watched Nana, I never would have thought I would grow to like a character like Reira. I’m usually into the angry, angsty, quiet type. But Reira really charmed me, because she seemed so real.


Valda brought me to this awesome store at Marina Square while I was still looking for my Reira things, because she told me that they sold Reira’s white dress there for ten dollars. I didn’t really believe her till I set foot in that damn store.

Lo and behold, the dress. And ten dollars, okay. I could not freaking believe my eyes.

I was so ecstatic, I bought two dresses. 8D

And now I’ll need to get a new wig for Lightning because I cut the fringe of my old one for Reira. Buh-bye Lightning wig. 8( I was intending to get a heat resistant one for Lightning anyway, and curl it myself. Somehow the normal curled wigs in the market currently just look wrong for Lightning. But oh my wallet. And I so need to go lose weight. Work has made me fat. Sitting in the studio for 12 hours straight is not good for my beer belly.

And and and! There’s an event on 11th October! I AM SO GOING. As what, I don’t really know yet. I have an inkling though. 8)


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I’m in the mood for some old-school cosplay suddenly.

Brigandine is a very, very old game. It’s as old as Final Fantasy VII (the original stuff). I had the English translation, which was painful to read because the translations were cheesy and lame. The essence of the game remained though, which I was, and am still, very thankful for. My favourite characters? Lord Vaynard – the White Wolf of Norgard, Shooting Star Halley, and Iria the Killer Doll. Have fun guessing who’s on my hit list. HEHE.

Perhaps not retro, but still old. Breath of Fire IV. I love this series. It has dragons, magic, crystals and hot emperor dudes. The third installment was great but I found the lack of a strong, personable antagonist rather disappointing. The Goddess doesn’t count, because has zero personality and zero charisma, and Teepo doesn’t count because he’s gay.

The fourth installment, however, is probably up there together with Final Fantasy. I found the story fantastic. And the god-emperor is hot stuff. Endless, ftw.

Aye, it should be pretty easy to figure out who I’m going to be cosplaying. =(

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I cleaned out some stuff just now when I got home from work, and I found my Mitsunari armor lying in a pile somewhere. The paint’s peeling off in some places and the zipper of one bracer is coming loose, but overall, the pieces of armor are still in pretty good condition.

I used the costume only once – for Streetfest in May earlier this year. It feels like just last month. -.-lll I guess time really waits for no one.

Anyway, I remember I spent an entire week making the entire set of armor and accessories and that damned fan. I’d come home after school and sit in the living room with my glue gun and toil like some pig. I’d really like to bring the costume for a photoshoot, but alas. I have no time.

Man.. -.-

If there were 48 hours a day, I’d be the happiest girl in the world.

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More About Moi

Okay, as topic. I’ve been cosplaying for about two years. Here’s what you shouldn’t expect of me as a cosplayer.

You should not expect –

1. Fanservice

2. Shota characters (I can’t pull them off)

3. Loli characters (I can’t pull them off)

4. Yaoi/BL

5. Non-official pairings.

About the yaoi/BL thing, I believe to each his own. I personally have nothing against yaoi, but I rather dislike non-official pairings of any kind because I feel it’s OOC and it doesn’t do the character justice. It’s okay if someone else does it, after all, it’s none of my business. But I don’t do it. xD

And an update – The Akatsuki shoot was postponed yet AGAIN because of Mid-Autumn festival. ._. There are currently giant inflatable Hello Kitties floating around the Chinese/Japanese Gardens. Bleah. How long more do we need to wait before we can get this done!? -.-

And another update – Expect something really retro soon! .8D

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