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TODAY IS. FRIDAY. I spent most of the evening with my Kisame, chionging the remainder of our cosplays for Sunday. It’s totally last-minute, but I hope it’ll turn out fine.

I hate my hair. OTLlll

I need to resew my headband because for some reason it doesn’t really fit well anymore. Maybe my head grew fat or something, I dunno.

No progress pictures for now, because I really need to get this stuff done and taking my alpha out is just so troublesome. Please wait for the pictures on Sunday night!

Random thought – Between real hair and a wig for cosplay, I’d pick a wig any day.


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I woke up at 8am, and despite a lot of shit happening, I managed to make it to the event, one hour late. ._.

Met Valda, my super super saikang warrior on the bus. Thank you Valda, for taking care of my stuff and buying me drinks and holding my reference journal AKA my PSP for me. <333 As always, ever the professional saikang. Hope you had fun yesterday too, yeah?

I cosplayed Hibari Kyoya of Hitman Reborn! fame. Can’t really say I did very well. I struggled a bit with the portrayal; it didn’t come to me as easily as Kanda’s or Ayane’s, like I thought it would. But oh well. I’ll totally do better next time.

Before I move on to the pictures, an important disclaimer – Hibird (the little yellow bird on my shoulder) belongs to seijiro-, aka unlimystic. She made it, it belongs to her, and she was extremely generous so as to lend it to me because I couldn’t make my own on time for the event. Any compliments regarding Hibird should be directed to her, and not me.  In my opinion, Hibird totally made this cosplay work, so thanks a lot, Sei! <333

The tonfas and fuuki armband were made by me, though. Hibari’s jacket was modified from an old gakuran blazer.

I had the good fortune of working with Ahbu again! She’s the awesomeness. Haven’t worked with her in ages. Ahbu, thanks for the fantastic photos! You actually made me look good in your pictures! <33

More coverage comes later on in the week, perhaps when I’m feeling less lazy. XD I just want to sit down and nua my ass off now because I have work tomorrow again. Ciao!

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Shit. Shit. Shit. I’m in such deep shit. It’s like Wednesday night and I’m still not even half done with Saturday’s preparation. OTLlll

Well, I did cut my wig. ORZ.

The above is my 100% un-shopped face -.- I didn’t even bother to edit the lighting because I don’t really care at this point of time so yeah. My gawd. I feel as if I don’t even look 50% like the character. -.- WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME ON SATURDAY.

Anyway yeah I know I need to layer the wig more. I know. I know.


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Easter Eggs!

My GAWD. This is frustrating. In all my two whole years of cosplaying and propsmaking, I’ve never been stumped before like I am now.

Where in the hells am I going to get large plastic easter eggs? Or for that matter, anything large and egg shaped that can be cut without any great difficulty. HOW COME SINGAPORE DOESN’T HAVE THESE THINGS. ARGH. To make things worse, Art Friend’s stopped stocking PVC sheeting. They have styrene sheeting now, which is like. Goddamn mfking expensive and opaque. ._. Thus, I’ve become so pathetic so as to resort to cutting the PVC off plastic folders. How pathetic. I’ve never felt so pathetic making a prop before in my entire life. Geez.

And then, when you need them the most, all the local propsmakers/material suppliers seem to vanish without a trace. -.-

Or maybe I’m just really really unlucky right now.


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