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On the morning of EOY 2008, I had my DW girls come over to my place to prep for the event. As usual, we took a long time, and when we actually got to Expo it was already late morning. There were still some bits of costume to put on at the venue itself.

Usually I go solo for events, but it was so fun this time! I totally love my DW girls. And of course, my super saikang warriors.

We met up with Paradox, Miki and Golden Feline at the event after we were done prepping, and our time was just spent walking around, posing for shots and being retarded and having fun, generally. Zettai came later, and was responsible for the epic title picture. My favourite picture of the day, btw. She’s a genius with angles, and actually managed to make my flabs disappear in that shot. 

All in all, it was a great day, even if my feet nearly died from the high heels. We went for dinner at T3’s Popeyes after the event, and exhausted, departed for home soon after.

The costume isn’t perhaps the most accurate Zhen Ji costume ever, but I’m extremely pleased with the way it turned out. The Cheongsam and inner dress were tailor-made. I scoured stores for the correct shade of off-white bridal satin, dyed the blue gradients, and sent it off to the tailor who did a fantastic job with it. The inner dress was made from a cobalt blue satin, and fully boned. I managed the rest of the costume. The blue petal headpiece was made from lace layered over plastic sheeting and attached to a hairband. The silver hairpin thing was also shaped from plastic, and embellished with a mix of swarovski crystals and acrylic beading. Shoes were normal high-heeled pumps sprayed a cobalt-to-black gradient. I layered the same blue lace from the headpiece over the shoes, and stayed them with fabric stiffener. Earrings are inaccurate, but I chose them because they matched with the gems on the headpiece. The gloves were made with the help of my mother, who sews so much better than I do OTL.

The whip was made from scratch, as is always the case with my props. I think I’ll make a separate post on construction since I intend to take some portions apart and redo them. Some segments kinda went buang at the event because I was dragging it around and it was getting stepped on.

Now, pictures.

_iw0s42951.Photo credited to Garion.

_img_7612.Photo credited to Zettai.

s_dsc_3276.Photo credited to Miki (dooodles).

I’ll not post any more photos from EOY here. There are quite a few available elsewhere, haha. There’ll be a photoshoot with my DW girls team in 2009, which I can’t wait for.


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This is a very late post. 8D

.Akatsuki Shoot. .19th October 2008. .Chinese Gardens. .Singapore.

Photography.: Zettai. Miki.

Special Thanks.: Kirisaki.

After much planning, much delaying, and much tearing of hair from the scalp, we had our Akatsuki shoot. Initially, it was meant to be just Itachi and Kisame, but we were very glad to have Paradox as Deidara. She’s just awesomesauce. <33

Myself and Kisame got up very early in the morning and made our way to the Chinese Gardens via taxi. A long ride, because the Gardens are all the way on the opposite side of the island from Tampines. =( Due to the lack of sleep, we were bullshitting and talking cock all the way in the cab, so thankfully it wasn’t a boring ride. Breakfast (thanks, Para!) , makeup, and several hours of slacking later, we were ready to shoot.

It was disgustingly hot and humid in the first part of the day. =(

The shoot was a fun one though. It always is, with our regular photogs and within our circle. ❤ Many thanks to Kirisaki, our darling little monkey who made herself so useful helping us carry our things and make wind effects, and all the other saikang warrior duties. We appreciate it much. <333

It started to rain sometime in the evening, and that was the signal to wrap up the shoot.

.Afterthoughts. .Notes.

Itachi was, I felt, rather easy to portray. I hope I did it correctly and in a believable fashion. The hardest part about this cosplay would have to be the hair. -_- I grew out and used my own hair for this character, which was hard for me because real hair behaves differently from wigs. As a result, we had to avoid shooting me from certain angles because my hair at the back wasn’t exactly perfectly styled. 

I’m happy that we made our forehead protectors from scratch, though. The weathered effect turned out very well in the photos.













.Thank you for viewing. =)

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