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This fell like in the middle of my FYP. I went, regardless. I was supposed to have an Samurai7 (七人の侍) team, but everybody dropped out for some reason or another, and we were left with two – Kyuzo and Ukyo.

I wasn’t very happy with how my Kyuzo turned out. The hair wasn’t poofy enough, despite much backcombing and spraying and hairdrying, and the swords were not accurate. I still went ahead with it though, because I couldn’t pangseh Ukyo who’d stayed up through most of Friday night sewing her costume.

Valda came to my place in the morning to help with carrying my stuff as usual (thanks Valda 8D) and we met Marche on the MRT and Goofy at Clementi. Since we were running damn late, we dapao-ed some food from subway to eat at the event. And I must say, this was probably the most slack and uneventful time I’ve ever spent at an event. It was probably more like a small private shoot or something. LOL. We spent most of the time away from the main event venue taking pictures, eating, slacking away, and talking rot. But it was definitely so much fun.

_img_8469Note the black rings under my tired eyes, barely hidden by a mountain of concealer and violent slashes of silver eyeliner. -.-lll

img_8491-copyUkyo, a ghey man who loves women. 8D



Credit goes to Zettai for all these photos.


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.First shoot of 2009.

.REIRA SERIZAWA. .6th January 2009. .Studio Venue. .Singapore.

Photography.: Zettai. Miki.

This was something that I had in my closet for ages, but I never could find the time in 2008 to shoot for it because of schoolwork and other commitments. Eventually while I was two months into my FYP, I just couldn’t take the stress any more and I buzzed up Zettai and Miki to shoot this for me.

We shot this in a small informal studio setting with our own backdrop and strobes, to fantastic effect.

This particular image isn’t very popular, I think. Either that, or I did a very bad job with the costume because not many people could tell which version I was doing.


My only prop for this costume image was a bouquet of white lilies and rice stalks wrapped in some nice cream colored paper to match the bloom in Reira’s rose pink hair, and also the white dress.

Not much notes on the costume. The dress itself was store-bought and modified, as mentioned in one of my earlier posts. The gloves were something I had from an old cosplay that was planned but never came to fruition, and the necklace I picked off an accessory shop cheaply. I looped the necklace 3 times and I have no idea how, but I managed to fit it over my head. After the shoot, however, I swear it managed to shrink somehow. After much tugging and gagging, I had it cut off my throat. A lot of beads were strewn about the floor, hahaha. Sorry, Zettai, but it was admittedly very amusing!

Portrayal-wise, Reira was tough for me because her personality is a total 180-degree turn from mine. I thought a lot about the many different facets of her character. There’s the bratty and playful off-screen Reira, and there’s the perfect idol who’s seen on promotional material and TV. I don’t think I’ve completely nailed it yet, so I’ll work on it more for the next shoot.

Yes, there’ll be another shoot! I’ll be working with my other Trapnest members and photographers to produce an even better set of photos. I’m planning for another album-style set. It’d be so much more interesting and authentic with the whole band involved, so we’ll see how it goes.




Thank you for viewing. =)

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