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..Okay lame title.

My eye’s looking like shit today. =( Evil contact lens.

Anyway, since I’m still so free and bored at home, I decided out of the blue to start on my Lightning things. I figured that since I had so much cloth at home, I should be able to find something that I could use for Lightning’s costume. So I sat down and drafted the top and skirt on paper. Sadly, I became a little depressed after that because I discovered I didn’t have the correct fabric for the top. 8( I’ll have to make a cloth trip to Arab Street soon.

I happened to have the fabric for the skirt though! And the red PVC for the lame strappy bag thing. And a bagful of zips. 8D At least I’ll have something to do today.

Just figured I should start on my mid-year cosplays before I get swamped. I’ve been spending too much time on Sheryl lately. D8



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It was yesterday! Initially, I was quite sian about it because all I wanted to do was stay home and finish my accessories and headpiece and stuff for my purple babydoll dress. But I’m glad I went in the end. Our Army of Sheryl’s was quite awesome. 8D

I met up with Yumi and Jes at Tampines and we MRT-ed down to Clarke Quay, then walked to Liang Court. Long and disgusting journey, if you ask me. The sun was like beating down on our backs like some evil slavedriver with a blazing evil whip of sunny doom. But anyway, we made our way there and prepped at the 3rd floor toilet. When we entered the toilet, it was quite ulu and quiet, and there wasn’t really anyone there. Nice. Para came then, and we finished prepping. Thanks Para and Jes for helping me pin the big bow on my butt! <33

When we left the toilet, I think we attracted a lot of attention. Hahaha. I guess it’s not everyday you see four Sheryls walking arund together. I never really paid attention to much of the event itself; most of the time we were just milling around having fun. We just sat/stood around and made a lot of noise. Hahaha.

Anyway, a few pictures!


I think this is the only photo I have of all five of us together. Thanks Spikeout for the picture!


As watermark, by Botak Ahpek. Thanks!


Thanks, Kaoru!

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Yesterday, I was struck with sudden boredom, and so I decided to remake my Sheryl Nome flute mic.


This is the old one, which was made with gold pleather. Fugly. Looks like some poor weird cigarette that’s been wrapped in melting tendon-y rubbish. I realised only after I sat down and actually started making it that the gold pleather idea wasn’t going to work. I finished the ugly mic, regardless, and decided to make another one when I had the time. I guess I was just feeling so bo chap that day. Hahaha.


And this is the new and improved one. It looks larger than it really is, for some reason. It’s about 18cm long, and light as a penknife. Purple parts are craft foam, measured and cut in 4cmX2cm rectangles and hotglued in a brick layout on PVC piping. I’ve yet to prime it and spray it, obviously. It can’t be a purple flute mic. Too unglam. 8D I haven’t decided what to use for the strap, either. But that can wait till the mic itself is properly finished.

My Lion costume is done! \o/

No pictures, because I’m lazy to take them. I added like so many extra things to the costume, simply because it was hard to see exactly what the costume was like from the opening sequence itself <_< And there are an extreme lack of scans for the Lion outfit. I added two extra layers of organza to the skirt for more poof and less shine (first layer was satin), and a big bow at the back. I also went through like a whole bunch of synthetic red velvet roses just for Sheryl. But I must say, it’s fun to work with flowers.

Now that that’s aside, I’m working on Tifa’s FFVII costume now. Not that there’s much to do. I just need to hem up my white tanktop and sew the gloves and miniskirt. Sadly, my machine doesn’t take very well to PVC. =(

Oh, and I really need to stop eating fried chicken, or I’ll be a fat Tifa.

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The dining table outside is obnoxiously messy, no thanks to me. Hahaha. I finally managed to scrounge up the discipline to leave TESOblivion and continue working on my Sheryl Nome Lion outfit. It should have only taken a few days but blah. I was so lazy, and Tamriel was so tempting. 8D

Anyway, I’d been unable to find nice red cloth for the trimmings of the corset at Arab Street, so I went to Chinatown over the weekend. And I found this!


Awesome pretty, isn’t it! And I thought it went really well with the costume since Sheryl likes to put roses in her hair. Luckily I only needed a small cut, or else my pocket would have died. It’s awesome pretty, but also awesome expensive. -.- As I was cutting it I was like thinking to myself that it would be so wonderful if I could use this for my whole Infinity gown. *w* But, no. Wallet. Money. Save. 8(

In any case, the bodice is done! No pics because they’re in my handphone and my bluetooth is dead. But yay! It’s actually not a real authentic bodice. It’s neither boned nor lined. HAHA. But I think it’s alright. The fitting is tight enough for it to not need boning, plus the velvet and brocade are very heavy already.

I’m now left with the layered skirt and the accessories. I’m pimping the skirt with 2 more layers of tiered organza so it’s not so plain. I SHALL FINISH IT SOON. I hope. I have too many overlapping plans.

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.Light of the Night Sky.

.Noctis Lucis Caelum. .2th March 2009. .Old Supreme Court. .Singapore.

Photography.: Zettai. Miki.

Special Thanks .: yyumii. Estelle. Yukihoshi.

I was so so so glad to be able to take this costume for a shoot. And quite a successful shoot it was, I think! I did Noctis previously for cosfest but it was utterly and completely failed lawl.

I redid quite a number of things for this shoot. The wig was the most epic change. I went through like, what, four wigs? Either the orders were screwed up, or the suppliers screwed up, or the lengths were wrong, etc etc. In the end I ordered a longer grey one and cut and styled it. I also tinted it a thin aqua hue with ink and alcohol. Re-made the belt pouches, and bought a new pair of boots. Extended the gloves, too.

I cabbed down to the Old Supreme Court in the afternoon, because I didn’t want to screw up the spikes on my wig by stuffing it into a bag. Also, didn’t want to take public transport with outlandish hair and wielding a big heavy sword. So I spent about half an hour in the cab leaning forward to protect my hair, and enduring funny looks from the cab driver.

The shoot was actually scheduled to last till 8pm, because I suggested night shots. However, being the glutton that I am, I simply felt that I had to eat at 6pm. HAHA. So despite protests, we called it a day and headed off to Swensens at Funan.

Not much to complain about this time round, besides the crappy weather and the heat, as usual. I’m pretty satisfied with myself, and how everything turned out.







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Tokyo Majin


.HoraijiKyoichi.TatsumaHiyuu.4th March 2009. .Kallang. Singapore.

.Photography.: Zettai.Miki.

Personally, I love Toyko Majin. I think it manages to be badass and cute at the same time. And I thought Kirisaki would make an awesome Hiyuu so I’m glad she came to the shoot!

The shoot itself was absolutely retarded. Since we were all among friends, we just let loose and had a lot of fun. Too much fun, I’m convinced. LOL. We had our group shots and split into two groups to shoot individually. As usual, it was awesome to work with Zettai and Miki, two photogs with very different styles.

Kyoichi was probably one of the most fun characters to portray. For me, at least. His loud, brash and sometimes crude personality sits quite well with me LOL.

Not much to say about the costume. everything was store-bought, including the bokken and the rings. The wig was a bitch to cut because it kept getting tangled (yes, TANGLED) despite its short length =.= Thankfully the style stayed very nicely during the shoot even though there was quite a strong wind blowing. I styled it according to my own interpretation of Kyoichi’s hair. I felt that if I stuck exactly to the anime artwork, the straight-down bangs would look too generic and boring. So I did a side part and swept the bangs over the bridge of the nose. I think it works quite well.

A small inside joke during the shoot was when I discovered I’d forgotten to cut my half-inch long nails LOL. We immediately blurted out that gangstas don’t cut their nails LAWL. And so the nails stayed. Sorry to Kyoichi fans who hate long nails LOLOL.

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I have a shoot scheduled tomorrow. \o/

Well, it was a bit of a short notice thing; I buzzed my photographers barely two days ago to book them for tomorrow. Most of yesterday and some of today were spent getting my things in order. Much stitching of pouches, regluing and repainting of my shiny junk sword, layering and spiking of wig.

I learned much from my failure at Cosfest last year, when I did Noctis Lucis Caelum (who didn’t have a name back in the day). The wig was terribly wrong – wrong style, wrong color, wrong everything. So I got a new one for this shoot. The sword fell apart too. It was a bit rickety from the bumpy taxi ride to Downtown East. Then it totally went buang on me after some jackass’ bag accessories got caught in it and the person walked off, thus effectively pulling apart my prop from the inside. -.-lll

In any case, I’ve gotten my sword back up. It’s one or two kilos heavier now because of all the glue and extra thingamajigs added to keep it stable. I’m kinda worrying about getting it to the shoot venue tomorrow in one piece, but I’ll see how it goes.

To be honest, I’M NERVOUS. D: I hope I don’t screw up the character twice OTL

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