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Note to self. Cure wood before leaving it out somewhere.

Pulled out one of my old wooden katanas to mod today. Opened it to discover a colony of termites inside.


The katanas are detachable. The scabbards and the handles are hollow. You know what that means, don’t you.  -.-lll Urgh I pulled out the blade to see A SHITLOAD OF TERMITES AND EGGS AND EVERYTHING ON MY SWORD. I FLIPPED A TABLE ON THE SPOT. I was so grossed out and so pissed, I started banging the thing on the floor in an attempt to remove the little beasts. With each impact, a fresh load of termites and eggs and sawdust spilled out onto the floor. $&^#()!$* After a while, I just went to get my insecticide and sprayed into the scabbard and handle. And they all came tumbling out. And then I had to attend to the rest of my katanas. 5 of them, in fact.

LIKE, DAMN DISGUSTING CAN. I AM GOING TO BUY ANT POISON AND STUFF IT INTO MY PROPS FROM NOW ON, I SWEAR. OMG THAT WAS SO GROSS MY SKIN IS CRAWLING. Or I should borrow my cousin’s tarantula and let it loose into the scabbards. Though it might probably be killed by the termites HAHAHA.

Urgh I am so not going to use wood to make props anymore. That was just such a disgusting experience. I’m so pissed off now.



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Quick Update!

Updated (somewhat) for sale page. Some new item descriptions up. Pictures will be up in a few days.

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.Kanda Yuu. .7th May 2009. .Studio Venue. .Singapore.

Photography.: Zettai.

Awesomely amusing shoot! I finally took out my mugen and wiped it clean of all the dust it’s been collecting. Love my mugen to bits. Favourite prop, you know?

I bused down to TP to meet Zettai and we had lunch! After which I did my makeup and styling in the studio. Zettai was amused by the thick eyeliner I applied, but it’s necessary. Single/inner-double eyelids are evil.

It was a challenging shoot because of the limited number of poses we could do in the tight setting. We had to have tightly-cropped pictures, but we also had to have the lotus in them. It was difficult to find a nice place to position the damn flower without making it look cheesy or dumb or extra. Also, the yukata was enormous and gay and kept slipping down my shoulders. Due to Kanda’s feminine appearance and the awkwardness of some poses, Zettai commented that it looked like a Japanese hooker. HAHAHAHA. That kept me laughing for quite a long time.

The lighting was awesome awesome awesome win though. Kudos to photog! o/


The props – Many lotus flowers, a pair of geta that was never worn, mugen ❤ and a piece of cheap black satin. The lotus flowers were irritating. I bought them at Cold Storage in a move of desperation because I couldn’t find the foam ones I had at home. =( I swear, they moved out on their own or something. But oh well, $4.50 for a stalk of three flowers and many leaves isn’t bad. I bought two stalks and had fun assaulting people with them on the way home. I think Valda and Bird hated those flowers. LOL.





Yukata and geta bought in japan. I bound my chest in flannel bandages. So much more comfortable than cotton bandages, thank goodness. Or perhaps, less uncomfortable. I really need to figure out how to bind properly. I’ve become too reliant on my binder.

Tattoo was drawn on -with reference, of course- using black kohl and liquid eyeliner. Wanted to have a nice, watercolor effect so it’d appear more lively and dynamic. Painted it on with eyeliner and brush first, then went over the edges with kohl pencil. Sadly the evil eyeliner flaked after a while. Despite a lot of people telling me the tattoo looked uneven and smudged, I don’t think I would have done it any other way. Hehe. Quite like the way it looks.

Perhaps my favourite thing from this shoot would be the magical magical wig. Bought it from Assist Wig. NOW I REGRET NOT BUYING MORE WIGS FROM ASSIST. 8( I swear, the wig is made from magical fibres. It was 80cm long, very thick, and didn’t tangle at all. Like no kidding. That wig is just not capable of getting tangled. I flung it around my room a few times and stuffed it haphazardly into my bag, but I only needed to take it out and comb through a few times with my fingers. It took all of thirty seconds to neaten up. 80cm. And I didn’t even need to use a wig comb. I’m not kidding. I shall dub this the Wig of Imbued Magical Tangle Resistance +10. The Japanese are so lucky to have easy access to such awesome cosplay materials.

Portrayal wise, I’m satisfied with myself. Always liked cosplaying Kanda.





That’s all! Thanks for viewing!

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Tifa Lockheart

.Final Fantasy VII.

.Tifa Lockheart. .9th April 2009. .Kallang Stadium. .Singapore.

Photography.: Zettai.

Special Thanks .: Kirisaki.


Long overdue post. I distinctly remember telling myself long ago that I should never do FF7 Tifa because I cmi and I thought I’d be fat forever.

Well, I guess I’m not so fat anymore. Wanted to hit myself for forgetting to don padded bra though but oh well.

We had lunch at the mall next to the stadium. I swear, the name of that place always manages to escape me -.- After that, I changed into the costume and we walked to the stadium. It was a little uncomfortable because the skirt was effing short and Subway was full of people.

And lo and behold! There were joggers at the stadium. =( I was expecting it to be empty like the last time we shot there but oh well.


The shoot was fun though! As always. I was amused because Zettai was very frustrated because of the lack of “feel”, something that happened during the first Tifa shoot last year. Hahaha. Well, I’m not very zha bor, so I always have difficulty doing zha bor things. And besides, the potrayal for FF7 Tifa was a bit tricky because the game is ancient and ugly and you cannot see the expressions and mannerisms of the characters. HAHAHA. 

And yes, FF7 Tifa is NOT Advent Children Tifa.

Finally, thank you Kiri darling for helping out! She was an awesome saikang warrior and helped me straighten out my costume and wig throughout the whole shoot. <333

Valda arrived toward the end of the shoot and we went to eat pasta! At Pastamania haha. After that, we traipsed off home. I ripped out my lenses the minute I got home because they were killing my eyes. They went straight down the sink and don’t exist anymore. 8D

S_IMG_1817 copy

S_IMG_1805 copy




Again, not much notes on the costume. It was quite inaccurate as I left out some detailing, but to be honest I didn’t really mind for some reason. I’m just very fond of my wonderful Doc Martens which turned out to be VERY Tifa <33

Portrayal-wise, I’m quite happy with myself, and of course I’m happy with Zettai’s epic photos as usual!

So overall, good shoot, I guess!

S_IMG_1818 copy



Thanks for viewing!

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