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I’m so tired. 8(  Not much progress today, haven’t touched WoL at all. Did manage to put together some of my things for Ling Tong, but not very much. I think I should just drop one plan. So tired.

At this point, I’m so tired that I think I’ll just semi-retire after Cosfest lol. I have other more important and awesome things to do. Like uni. And life.


Hurr. See ya’ll at Expo this weekend .8D


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.Sheryl Nome. .25th June 2009. .T3. .Singapore.

Photography.: Zettai.

Special Thanks.: Kirisaki.Stanley.Deypherus.

Ahbu had some free time on Thursday before her lecture, so we decided to shoot Sheryl at T3. Met up with Valda in the morning for breakfast and she helped me fix up my new earring. Thanks Valda .8D The old one was too small and couldn’t really be seen in pictures, so I spent some time a few months back hunting around for bigger gems and bigger hoops. Had lunch at Popeyes with ginnah and Felicia, whom I haven’t seen in ages lol, the siao zha bor.

I made a few very small changes to the costume since I last wore it at Kurobara in March. Reworked the skirt and added a pannier for more shape. Got new white heels. Repaired frayed trimming on the bodice. Replaced lace-ups. Also, bought blue socks because the old purple ones just looked wrong.

I’d wanted to try something new with this photoset but it was difficult and didn’t turn out very well. AHBU, WE MUST TRY THIS AGAIN.

I’m quite happy with my portrayal of Sheryl. It wasn’t very difficult to get into the character. Though I must say, I feel that my face shape doesn’t really match Sheryl’s. LOL. I guess, no matter how much makeup or what kind of makeup, I won’t be able to change the structure of my face. *shrugs*

I’ll probably still be doing other outfits though. Next should be the *coughthepurplebabydollcough* which should be quite soon once I finish the last of the accessories. Or Star Date, which I’ve finished sewing ages ago 8( and is collecting dust on my table. ORZ.

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Yeah I’m slow 8(

I worked on my WoL armor some today.


From left to right, top to bottom – Elbow guards, helmet sans horns, cape, front collar, breastplate, shield, belt and greaves.




Yes, I’m still left with a shitload of construction and detailing to do. Not to mention painting and glossing. The only bit of construction that I’m remotely satisfied with is the breastplate, which I’ve already buffed and glossed halfway. Needa paint in the ivory colors too. Everything’s still very rough and prototype-ish, which frustrates me because it’s like only 2 weeks to TGX. -.-lll

Sword is also MIA because I don’t have plastic on me at the moment ARGH. I’ll needa make a trip down to IMM Daiso soon. And I need to make the bloody handle to stick behind the shield. Maybe like a door handle or something because I’m really pressed for time and I don’t want to waste whatever precious time I have making something that I can just buy.


And I haven’t even started on the crazy insane boots yet 8(

To all the rest of my Tofu Senshi, JIAYOU! We shall be awesome together. <333

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Oh gawd, what a long couple of days. It’s Tuesday today.

Yesterday, I met up with Para and Ginnah to go get more chiffon and duchess satin for our epic dress, and visit the tailor. I really need to kpkb about the uncles at the cloth place. -.-llll

When we asked to be shown to where the chiffon was, Uncle 1 told us the fabric that Para already bought was well, wow, organza! And then he proceeded to pull out another bolt of something that looked suspiciously like organza too and called it chiffon. ._. We were like uhh isn’t that the same. But he insisted even after a shitload of “那个真的是chiffon?” that it was indeed chiffon. Then Uncle 2 came along and “oh yah chiffon chiffon” so we just gave in and thought we were too noob to differenciate chiffon and organza.

Well, we brought that to the tailor who promptly told us that it was organza.


Tailor said it probably wouldn’t be nice as chiffon 8( She prepared a small prototype of our skirt portion, out of CHIFFON and it looked quite nice on a small scale. 8(

Guess she’ll just try the organza OTL and see how it goes.

Stupid uncles.

Hope the dress turns out fine. I’m quite looking forward to Cosfest now; haven’t worn anything so epic before in my entire life LAWL.

GamesExpo is another issue argh. This is so crazy. I managed to actually semi-complete a lot of armor for WoL yesterday but it’s just crazy lah. I shall now just post a picture of my wonderful wonderful Warrior of Light so that people actually know WTF I’m raving about.2969882616_c6005cda7f_b

Hi, Wolly.

I have so far completed the form of the breastplate, helmet without horns, elbow and wrist guards, the shield, and like 80% of the greaves. Gawd. So taxing can. I shall later be finishing the greaves and cutting the cape and skirt/train/whatever. And I need to make a trip down to Jurong’s Daiso to get PP board. Or maybe the PS outlet has it.

So much to do 8( I kept berating myself the whole day yesterday, telling myself that I should have picked an easier character, like whut Frionel or Cloud or something but NOOOOOOOOOOO, I just HAD to be stupid and pick WoL since I liked him so much.


But I guess cosing characters you like is kinda like the whole point of everything, so I’ll try my best not to complain anymore.

And I haven’t even started on Zhao Yun. Give up alr lah. SHIZU, NO MORE CRAZY ARMORED CHARACTERS FOR YOU ANYMORE. YOU NOT ENOUGH TIME.

*will update later with photos*

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Convention schedule –

4th & 5th July – TGX

11th & 12th July – Cosfest ’09

This is pure and utter insanity. I have no idea what I was thinking when I planned my characters for these events. -.-lll I like totally want to fling myself against my wall now for my stupidity. About a little less than three weeks to go.

Warrior of Light goes well. My half-completed armor is sitting on the table outside waiting to be completed and given a new coat of paint. Old blue paint wasn’t metallic enough so I bought a new candy-toned shade AND a tin of laquer to buff it with. I want my armor to be veryveryvery bling. Shield is half-done too; I expect the sword to be finished in a day or two. Helmet can be done in a few hours, which I’ll spend later after I’m done typing this post. The horns. ARGH THE HORNS. I have a few ideas, but I want to like avoid using plaster or epoxy or anything like that. I’m not a clay-ish, plaster-ish person, you know. Yes, I shall finish my Tofu soon.

I haven’t even started on my DW6 8( I’m so dead. ARGH KANCHIONG.

Epic dress is at tailor. Hope she manages to finish it by Cosfest 8(

 *goes off to work on armor*

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