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.Sebastian Michaelis. .24th July 2009. .Studio Venue. Singapore.

.Photography.: Zettai.

Argh. Sebastian. I did a bit of running around the week before getting all the accessories for the trial shoot so I was kinda tired by Friday. Plus I was kind of stressed because a lot of people like Sebastian and my face isn’t long or sharp enough LOL. But oh well the shoot’s done!

This version is the “Black Host” illustration on the inner cover of the first volume.


Nothing much to note, really. Just that there were several kids in the makeshift studio and they kept making me am chio the whole day OTL. Trimmed the wig and used the last of my Jacqueline on it. 8( I have to buy more. Red eyes were shopped from blue encore lenses. Didn’t have red lenses on me. I chose a red satin shirt because it’s like more high class and elegant and all that shit, plus it matches the eye color.

And I want to KPKB about my ugly brows. I shall just throw accuracy out the window and not draw them so angled next time. =.=lll Also, need to get new foundation. This one not white enough.





Sorry if I f*cked any fangirls’ Sebby. OTL. Thank you for viewing!


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Cosfest 09 Day 1

Day I was Kagami (AGAIN). I was puzzling over what to cos for that seemingly free day, when I figured I should redeem myself from that first failed cos of him. Yeah, the wig was screwed, the makeup was fail, and I wore the earring on the wrong ear. Major WTF there. But anyway I re-cosed him.


I met up with Kiri in the morning at Pasir Ris interchange. It was stupid because neither of us realised that our respective buses actually stop at Downtown East.  -.-lll But oh well. We ate at BK, or rather, I TRIED to eat. Halfway through my hershey’s sundae pie I saw an unsightly thing in white PVC and then I lost my appetite and decided to forgo the rest of my lunch. 8( We then met up with Para, Zettai and Stanlet and did our styling and donned our costumes.

Erh, notes on Kagami. Nothing much, really. Almost everything was from the old Kagami cos. White blazer was from my wardrobe, purple shirt was dyed purple ages ago because they didn’t sell purple shirts at that time. -.- Earring was miraculously found in my closet. Made that in 2007 for the old cos. Wig is new. I bought this for Cloud, but it works for Kagami too. Nice and thick and easy to spike and style.


Photos in this post are all from Zettai.

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