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.Kadaj. .8th August 2009. .Rooftop. Singapore.

.Photography.: Zettai.Rescend.Kaze.Ash.

Kadaj was something I planned ages ago but never cosed till now. I guess back then I wasn’t confident enough to attempt him.

We had lunch at Esplanade’s Ichiban after Stan’s epic DMC shoot and went to Shaw Towers after that. I did my makeup and styling at Subway LOL. After that I donned the insanely stuffy costume and took the lift up to the rooftop and carpark to shoot. I must say, despite already having been to that same rooftop a few times, I just can’t seem to remember which lift to take and which floor to get off at. OTL.

It was late afternoon, there was a nice breeze blowing and wonderful shade from the building and it SHOULD have been a very comfortable time of the day to shoot.







I swear, wearing a full-length PVC costume in Singapore is suicide. I perspired from every single pore on my being, and I perspired THROUGH the costume. Yes, it was gross and uncomfortable and exhausting. I really have to thank Jorlene dear for her awesome saikanging, for without her I’d have just died. OTL.

Thankfully, we had wonderful pictures from that shoot. I was rather unused to working with so many photographers at once, but it was a rather breezy experience. Rescend and Kaze, whom I’d never worked with before prior to the shoot,  are veryvery easy to work with, and wonderful people.

photos by Zettai.

Not many notes on the costume; it was originally a friend’s, I bought it over from her and had it altered to fit me. The wig was quite disgusting. As I’d mentioned earlier, Kadaj was a very very very old plan, and the wig is equally old. LOL. That is to say, it was from an obsolete brand which used different fibres. Not as nice and soft as the newer brands. Souba was made from two katana blades. I made the guard and handle from scratch and fit it all together, putting strips of duchess satin through the hoops.

Yes, I colored my brows for this shoot. Silver eyeliner + light brown brow liquid. A very light and natural pair of fake lashes were also used. Eyeliner was kept to a very thin black line.

photo by ash


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