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.AllenWalker.KandaYuu.8th September 2009. .Old Supreme Court. Singapore.

.Photography.: Rescend.WINDY.

I hadn’t actually had a proper shoot for my 1st uniform, so I rang up Kirisaki and asked if she wanted to shoot her Allen Walker with me before our official team shoots.

When we got to the Old Supreme Court, we were all quite WTF. The beautiful architecture and majestic stone columns were marred by a giant multicolored Youth Games clock.




There were also rows of hideous lights lined up along the corridors, which restricted our shooting space. Not to mention it just made the place look butt ugly. =.= Nevertheless, we started our shoot in the evening, and wrapped up after nightfall.

We decided to base the concept of the shoot roughly on the happenings in episode 2 of the anime, where Allen arrives at the Black Order Headquarters and finds himself at the mercy of Kanda’s awesome temper. The scene where Komui halt’s Kanda’s assault the split second before it reaches Allen’s face was an epic, epic, epic thing to try and portray LOL. Kiri gives the most epic D8 expression. Ever. When we were posing for that shot, my lungs nearly died from trying to keep my laughter in.

‘Nuff said. ❤



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