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.18th October 2009. .Victoria Concert Hall. Singapore.

.Photography.: Ash.Garion.Rescend.Zerartul.

A very long-delayed DGM shoot, this was our third uniform installment. It’s fortunate that we decided to brave the heat in our uniforms and shoot at the concert hall, because the location was beautiful for DGM.

Kirisaki as Allen Walker


Thelindra as Lenalee


Shizuka as Kanda


Valda as Lavi


Golden Feline as Rhode

The shoot started late (as usual OTL) We met up at City Hall for lunch at Burger King. And awesomely, I realised I’d forgotten to bring the box with the team’s badges and beads in it. So home I went in a cab to pick them up and go back to BK again. OTL Stupid stupid stupid.

Anyway, we walked to Victoria Concert Hall after that, and prepped in the toilet. There were a lot of cute kids walking in and out asking why there were boys in the toilet. Boys, being us. OTL

I absolutely loved my 3rd uniform. It’s so nice and simple and comfortable and not stuffy at all. And the material was so nice. The exorcist pin and beading were done by Valda and myself. We went around Chinatown hunting for beads of the correct size and shape. Fruitless hunt, if I may say so. In the end, there weren’t any of the correct color so we bought cream colored ones and burnished them gold.

Mugen was a real pain in the ass this time. Why couldn’t Kanda have stuck with the old Mugen design which is nicer?!?! Instead they just had to have it reforged and its ugly now. Oh well. I spent some time poring over manga pages before I started construction. The more I studied the new mugen, the more sian I became. It looked to me like some generic random katana.

Oh well.

I must say I love Kanda’s new layered bangs though. Much more flattering.



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