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Final Fantasy XIII @ Sg

The Future Belongs Not to Those Who Wait


.29th December 2009. .T3.Singapore Expo. Singapore.


.Special Thanks.:Deathjoker.Seras.Valda.Wayne.

Our team shoot for FFXIII. If only we had a Sahz. 8( Our Yun Fang will make her own debut later on this year. ❤

Shizuka as Lightning


Jesuke as Snow Villiers



Beckie as Oerba Dia Vanille



Kirisaki as Hope Estheim


Yumi as Serah Farron



It was a pretty long but productive shoot. Many thanks to the staff of Singapore Expo who were kind enough to allow us to use the grounds for our photos.

Gawd. That was a huge photo spam, wasn’t it. HAHA. A few more –

And now, the obligatory fun shots/wtf shots/candid shots/polaroids.

After the shoot, we ran off back to T3 for dinner at Popeyes! Awesome mashed potato is awesome. And that concludes this post which has very little text in it because my brain is somewhat extinguished. Perhaps I’ll update this when I have more to write.

And also, do visit my teammates’s galleries for more of their individual photos!

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