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Quick Notice

Hi guys. Just a quick note before I forget.

Apparently, hotmail can get quite gay sometimes. So if you emailed me and I don’t reply within a week latest, then I probably didn’t receive it and you might want to re-send your email. I usually try to set aside some time at least once in three days to sift through my mailbox and reply to mail, so please give me some time. =)

Thank you, readers!


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Things have been quiet lately because, well, I kind of have nothing to update this blog or my gallery with at the moment LOL.

….Actually no, that’s not quite true. I’m working on two FFXIII costumes at the moment, but I have no pictures! Because! I forgot to bring my camera over from Singapore. HAHA. Dumb, I know.

I’ve gotta say, the fabrics here are absolutely delectable. Seriously. They’re more expensive than in Singapore, but honestly, the variety and the quality more than make up for the price. I feel a little suar ku, but I was drooling over the gorgeous range of bridal fabrics and luxurious furs. THE FURS. SERIOUSLY. <33333 (synthetic furs, of course. I totally do not approve of the slaughter of rare animals for fur)

I spent quite a sum on a 1/2m cut of synthetic grizzly fur for Vanille, but oh what the hell. It was just absolutely perfect so I just closed one eye to the price. It’s like thick and long and luxurious and you can just sink your fingers into it and comb it. and.

..Okay, maybe that was too much information. But yeah.

Fur, satin crepe in such a gorgeously brilliant shade of orange that I’ve not seen in my life, dull pink jersey, and brown pleather.

If there’s one thing I’ll complain about, it’s the lack of range of pleathers and PVCs. 8( Though not very expensive, the colors are limited. I did see a bolt of hot pink PVC that I could use for Ashe though. Stored that away in the banks of my memory for future reference LOL.

I have no idea when I’ll get to cosplay next though. I miss cosplaying, but to be honest, I’m more interested in studying now. *nerd*

Anyway, I’ll just continue with costume production, and if I ever get to cosplay, we’ll be seeing Serah and Vanille next. Who are both so not me, I know. Haha. But whatever, really. If I’d conformed to cosplayer-character stereotyping, half the cosplays in my gallery would not exist.

Argh I really need to pull myself away from FFXIII for a bit. It’s like taking over more than half my listed plans. OTL OTL OTL Can’t help it though. Awesome FFXIII is awesome. The ending made me want to cry.


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Vampire Knight

.Vampire Knight.

.9th January 2009.Studio setting.Singapore.


.Special Thanks.:Kaze.Blacklash90.


Rieyn as Cross Yuuki

Shizuka as Kuran Kaname

Kirisaki and May were shooting in the morning to late afternoon as the awesome Kagamine twins from Vocaloid’s Grave of the Scarlet Dragon PV, and then Yumi was shooting her Stella Nox Fleuret in the evening. ❤ So we were pretty much all having fun together during the shoots. Also, thank you Omake-tachi for the awesome delicious steamboat dinner. I feel so bad because I can’t cook good food for nuts and all I can do is sit around and wait to be served all the time OTL. Also, thanks so much Kaze and family for being so hospitable in having us over. ❤

Not much to note about Kaname. I was initially concerned that I might look fat since it’s a white costume and it’s thick and has like three layers to it, but surprisingly I looked okay. I struggled a bit in deciding how exactly the wig should be styled, because I don’t really understand how the art in Vampire Knight translates to real life. ORZ. It’s all like, wispy and soft-ish but you have strands flowing randomly and.. you get the idea. Rieyn’s wig is perfect and it looks exactly like in the manga, I have no idea how she did it.  Don’t you just think she’s the most awesome Yuuki ever? <333 Anyway, in the end I just added mad layers to the crown and tousled it a bit, thinned the bangs, made a slight parting and left bits of hair hanging over the face.

Makeup was another thing to seriously think about lol. I was kind of struggling with whether I should go for the translucent, white classic vampire look, or if I should follow the Vampire Knight  artwork. Up till now I don’t really know what I exactly I was trying to do hahahaha. OTZ. But anyway, a lot of highlighting, especially on the bridge of the nose and cheekbones, and a lot of shadow (brown on the upper lids and red-brown on the lower lids), and I cut very shallow double lids. And I deliberately left my nails long LOL. Was actually wondering if I should apply a very thin coat of silver gloss on my nails but didn’t, in the end. Should I? I’ll have to think about it more for the next shoot.

Portrayal and facial expressions was.. meh. Kaname was a difficult character for me. I’ll have to work on this more. I find that he has this slight burdened look to him, even though a large part of his character is shrouded in mystery. And the range of facial expressions in the VK art isn’t exactly very comprehensive for reference LOL. I’ll try harder next time.

Yes, Rieyn and I were wearing maroon contact lenses from MAXI EYES. It’s a wonderful color for Vampire Knight characters, don’t you think?

Next VK shoot – Vampire Knight Guilty! When I get back to Singapore, that is.

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EOY 2009

This is a very very overdue post.

EOY 2009 was held on the 26th of December 2009 at the Drama Center, in the National Library of Singapore. Weird location, I know. At first, I was kind of nodding along with the location choice because it looked posh and larger than Expo, and aircon (LULZ). But it just didn’t live up to it. It was crowded enough that you had to slow to a snail pace and queue to walk anywhere, and in the end cosplayers just spilled out into the first floor (which wasn’t airconditioned orz). Nevertheless, I’m very very very glad that someone continued with EOY, and I’m really grateful that the event happened.

Initially, we were an all-girls Samurai Warriors 3 team, keeping in line with our all-girls Dynasty Warriors 6 team last year.  But as always, shit happened and we had a change of plans (OTL sorry Jes for making you chiong your Inahime for nothing )8 Nouhime weeps) . So a few days before EOY, we decided over the phone and MSN that we would try for Final Fantasy XIII instead.

Now, you must first understand how important this FFXIII cos was to me LOL. I’m a bit of an FF nut, and I think FFXIII is a masterpiece. Lightning was planned all the way back when the first trailers were released, but I didn’t actually get started on the costume till very much later, and even then the task was beset with all sorts of suay shit. I was working halfway through my costume when it was accidentally packed up and thrown away together with the household trash. I frantically searched for it for a few days till it became apparent that I wouldn’t find it.

At that point of time I didn’t know whether to rage or to just sit down and forget about the cosplay altogether. It was so frustrating to have work that you put together with your own hands just go to waste like that.

Then,  my resolve hardened and I decided that no matter what, I had to get this done for EOY. Off to Jessie (my awesome tailor) it was. She was brilliant as always and did an awesome job with the base costume under the time constraint. <333 Sadly I didn’t do a good job in envisioning the cut of the jacket, and thus gave her incorrect direction. 8( But that’s a rant for another time. I collected and completed the costume, and finished up my Blaze Edge, and helped out with bits and pieces of my teammates’ things.

I remember being extremely nervous because a Lightning cosplay is, to me, a big pair of shoes to fill. FFXIII is such a beautiful, emotional piece of work with deep, real characters and I was so afraid of failure, afraid of not being able to bring the character out, afraid of disappointing myself, afraid of disappointing other fans of the character.

I won’t claim to have done fantastically, even now, but there was that certain magic of finally putting on everything and walking into the event space as the character and finding that you’re not nervous anymore. I love that feeling about events.


In the morning, I prepped at home and wore everything, and Jes came to pick me up from my place, after which we went to get Beckie, and off to the event it was. Kiri joined us a while later in the washroom. It was sad that Para, who was supposed to be Serah that day, couldn’t make it to the event; she was sorely missed 8(

As is always the case with events, my costume didn’t stay together LOL. The crowds were just gay and some people were rude; they brush past and shove without any apology or so much as a backward glance. Typical. I lost a couple of silver straps on my boots, among other things, which fell off and could not be located after too many people jostled their way past me.


A few photos from the event! Some photos have been watermarked by their respective photographers. I mixed up the IDs for the un-watermarked ones, so I haven’t credited them properly, so sorry OTL. So if you see a photograph that you know to have been taken by yourself, your friend, or someone you know, yadda yadda, please inform me and I’ll put up the credits accordingly!  Thank you very much ❤

Lightning – Shizuka aka myself

Snow – Jesuke

Oerba Dia Vanille – Beckie

Hope Estheim – Kirisaki

photo by Omake Studios

Omake-tachi were quite awesome at EOY. They’d brought all their equipment and strobes and everything, and they made a makeshift studio setting on the first floor. Awesome takes are awesome, guys.

photo by Kula

photog ID? 8(

photo by superpixel

In retrospect, the National Library had quite a number of good backdrops for cosplayers to pose against. It’s a shame there’s no aircon on the first floor HAHAHA. *aircon-obsessed*

photo by .WINDY.

photog ID please? 8(

And here you can see a bit of the awesome props of the Sengoku Basara team in the background. They were awesome and deserve immense respect. I don’t even want to imagine how they were able to transport their huge props to the event and still keep them in good condition throughout the day! And trust me, they were visually stunning and very authentic. Total respect, people.

photo by AlvinZ

This is highly unrepresentative of the crowd at EOY LOL. I swear, it was like standing in the express bus going into the city at peak hour. You can’t move freely. You can’t walk with a stride of more than 30cm. You have to wriggle your way about and hang the words “excuse me” on the tip of your tongue and repeat them like a mantra and continuously glare at retards who bump into your props or costume without saying sorry, and some actually step on your feet more than two times in a row.

And random photos from our own cameras LOL. I swear, we took more. I must go pester people for more EOY camwhore shots HAHA.

I had one of those idiotic Gintama moments, My expression cannot be explained. AND HERE YOU CAN SEE A BIT OF THE CROWD BEHIND. ONLY THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG I TELL YOU.

Vanille is nowhere to be seen because she pranced to the washroom to change out and missed out on all the phun. >8(

AND MY TWO FAVOURITE COSPLAYS OF THE EVENT. SO CUTE, RIGHT!!!!! I had a total squealy fangirly moment there and so I ran over to have a picture with them. SO ADORABLE. I PRAY TO SEE THEM AGAIN AT THE NEXT EOY. <33333 And yeah this was at the end of the event where everyone was changing out of their costumes. Btw yes. The black spandex shorts you see under my skirt are part of the costume. Lightning wears that. I am not zaogeng-ing.

I had so much fun at EOY, and everyone was awesome, and I totally love my FFXIII teammates. You guys are so much love ❤ This was the last major event I attended before coming to New Zealand, and I was so glad I spent it on FFXIII. I’ll not be in Singapore for a while now but I’ll be back for a bit during summer break, so see you guys at EOY2010! Assuming there is one, which I will definitely be praying for OTL

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