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This was epic, mainly because I randomly rang Rieyn up at some obscene hour of the morning just to ask if she wanted to come down. HAHAHAHA. Sorry Riri, but I think we all managed to have fun LOL.


.Serah Farron.

.8th July 2010.Studio Setting.Singapore.


.Special Thanks.:Rieyn.

I brought Serah’s things back home for a shoot! The only things new here are the wig, socks, and leg accessories. I absolutely swear by socks from that Tampines Mall cart. I’m telling you, you can’t get smoother, more comfortable or opaque thigh-highs anywhere else for just $12.

The wig this time is a short base wig + clip on extension. Serah has the most ridiculous hair ever. It’s layered short at the bottom and the middle which makes up the ponytail is long. WTF? Nosrsly Serah, whut?

Anyway, it should be pretty obvious that cute, moe young girls aren’t my forte, and I probably shouldn’t have, but what the heck, I love FF13 too much to leave well alone.

I imagined pre-L’Cie Serah to be a carefree, modern, and slightly mischievious girl. From the game we observe that she’s also quite forward in her speech and actions, and though not as harsh and caustic as her sister, she’s also of a very strong-willed personality.

Back view; the satin ribbons were a bitch to stitch onto the chiffon, but it does look very pretty ❤ And accurate.

I actually spent quite some time digging around for chiffon of a very light pink accurate to her cgi render, but I’m terribly sad that the color doesn’t show up in photos. 8( Oh well.

And a few extra shots –

^Jorlene called during the shoot bearing some interesting piece of gossip which totally made my day. HAHAHA.

^With Rieyn, who, incidentally, I feel will make an awesome Serah. RIRI WHY ARE YOU SO SLIM. ❤

After Serah, I changed into my NANA getup, but I’ll leave that part of the day to another entry, or risk my readers suffering extreme boredom LOL.

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