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So, nothing much going on recently. Except maybe this.

This is just some super tedious shyt, I swear. I’m not really an armor person so I suffered doing this.

It’s mostly craft foam, and the little rivet details are just tiny acrylic gems sprayed silver together with the rest of the armor. I was seriously lazy rushing for time so I just sealed the foam with random pots of acrylic paint before spraypainting. Usually I’d go with many thin coats, but like I said, I was seriously lazy a little pressed for time so I just sprayed a whole dollop of paint over everything in two or three heavy coats.

Try not to do this if you can, LOL. The paint will crack when you flex the foam.

I kind of intended this for the second day of AFA in November, but it’s kind of like two weeks to the event and I’m not even halfway done. So I’ll probably just take it easy and postpone if I need to.

Day one, however, is a must-do. I will keel myself if I don’t manage to finish it. Nuff said.


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.Tifa Lockhart.

.October 2011.Back Alley.Singapore.



I always told myself I had to redo my cosplay of Tifa. The one I did back in idk what year ages ago just didn’t quite cut it.

The thing I loved the most about Advent Children was the emotional quality it brought to the world of FFVII (not saying FFVII wasn’t epic shit, because it was).

This shoot is based off Tifa’s case in the novella On the Way to a Smile, which chronicles the days after Meteor and leading up to the events of Advent Children. Read the translation here on theLifestream.net if you haven’t. It’s a deceptively simple story, but it’s raw and emotive, and adds a whole new aspect to Tifa’s character that wasn’t apparent before.

The costume was totally remade. The vest was made from a high quality faux leather imported from the US, courtesy of a friend of mine, and made by my tailor Jessie, who also made the apron and overskirt for me. I butchered a pair of black men’s bermudas to size and length, and took the sleeves off a tiny $2 white cap-sleeved top. I chose to use a pair of heeled sneaker booties this time, which I find to be more accurate than flat sneakers. My old pearl-white teardrop earrings make an appearance again. 8D I omitted the ring on her right hand since I was going to be in gloves most of the time.

The wig is also new, styled with heat to straighten the back and curl the bangs slightly. Zero apply-on styling products were used.

Makeup was pretty heavy. I used a pair of fake lashes and double eyelid tape on the upper lashline, and filled in the bottom lashline with dark brown pencil liner. A copious amount of brown shadow was used on the eyes as well. Unfortunately, no matter how I tried, I couldn’t bully my narrow almond eyes into anything that remotely resembles Tifa’s feminine doe eyes. 8(

8( 8( 8(

Oh well, I tried LOL.

And a few extra shots unrelated to the theme of On the Way to a Smile

And finally, some REALLY unrelated/extra/retarded shots.

The alleyway saw a surprising amount of human traffic. Idk why. But anyway, my attempts to look nonchalantly inconspicuous were total fail, of course.

And cats! Socute.


I intend to plan and execute a couple more shoots for Tifa, both in this costume and her original FFVII one. And maybe a Wall Market dress LOL. Here’s hoping I have the time to do all of that. For now, I hope these photos are good enough~ Cheers!

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Many Apologies T_T

I’ve totally neglected this blog, I’m terrible. I’ll now try my best to revive it and make an effort to update it after each shoot/event or with progress updates. \o\

A few reminders~

Readers can view most of my cosplay work on my DeviantArt gallery, and my FaceBook account. You can add me on Facebook if you want, Just note me telling me you follow my cosplays. Not trying to be all exclusive and elite here, but I just want to be as sure as possible that the people following me aren’t some random tom/dick/harry or epic trolls.

If you’ve been reading my blog and you have questions to ask, fire away!

Send me an email – tachibana.shizuka@hotmail.com

Please also note that I don’t usually check comments on my entries here, so don’t get offended or anything if you don’t get a reply to your comment. Please email me instead.

And as much as I would love to reply to everyone, I really don’t find it in me to entertain questions like “r u girl or boy????” or “how old r u???” or “r u single???”. Don’t take it to heart. 🙂

Finally, thank you so much to the people who’ve been visiting this blog even though it’s been kind of dead. I checked my blog stats just now and I was really surprised to find that there’s still some traffic going on. I’ll do my best to ensure that this place gets some kind of update at least once in a while so that you guys have something new and somewhat interesting to read.

Much love! ❤


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