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AFA 2011

AFA. Finally, it came and it went. I’m going to just compress two days of content into one entry, or else I’d just get lazy after writing the first and totally forget about the second.

— — —

On Saturday, I met up with my partner for the day, Kazeki, early in the morning, after which we prepped and headed to the Japanese Gardens for a pre-event shoot. As always, unpredictable weathers follows our every move doggedly and we found ourselves having to take shelter.

Kazeki makes a superduper sexy Kasumi! Check out her dA gallery here for more of her cosplays.

Ayane’s outfit was pretty simple, I managed to finish it quite fast. I wanted to make the sleeves slightly wider for dramatic effect, but I ran out of fabric. 8( Oh well. I cut the dress like a bustier with hidden wire support and padding LOL so it would hold up by itself, which it did, but dayum, did I feel so insecure. Hate strapless dresses. The obi was a bit troublesome because it was really difficult to locate an orange fabric with authentic floral prints, everything was either too red or too yellow. In the end, I decided to just splurge on this eggspensive cotton with hanabi prints. Trimmed it with champagne-gold satin and reinforced it with idk how many layers of interfacing. I was seriously contemplating sewing boning into the bow to make it stand, but I figured it’d be too heavy and I’d be a hunchbacked kunoichi. DNW. The little pink butterfly was drawn on by hand with metallic fabric paint.

— — —

For all you guys who’ve seen my previous blog entries, you’d probably know that I’d been working on Lightning’s FFXIII-2 outfit. I said I probably wouldn’t debut it at AFA because I was too pressed for time, but I made it! It’s a good feeling.

 Truthfully, the day was a whole rollercoaster of ups and downs. I was frustrated in the morning because of a few complications with the wig, frutstrated halfway through the event because of the mad crowd, inconsiderate event-goers, and rude photogs, but ultimately, I’ve never felt so accomplished before.

If I brushed anyone off when asking me for a photo, I really want to apologise for that. I think I may have done that to one or two people while fighting to get from one end of the floor to the next. It was the first time I was cheesed off at an event enough to do that, but regardless of any reason I might’ve had for doing so, it was nasty of me and I apologise.

Unless, of course, you were one of those stupid pricks who just saw fit to spam your camera away while I was adjusting my costume/talking to a friend/resting/eating/drinking/etc.


I met up with friends and my partner for the day at the event area itself after donning the costume.

Seras as Snow Villiers!

He gave our characters nicknames – Roll-in-the-Dirt-Snow and Ass-Exposure-Lightning.

I also met up with my awesome knight, Odin! Unfortunately it was so late in the day and we didn’t get any shots together. 8(

I’ve gotten a lot of comments from people saying how expensive this must have been. Actually, it didn’t cost much. The most expensive part of the costume was probably all those feathers. I used ten packs of quill feathers for the bottom half of the piece, and they were glued layer by layer to the base which was a long piece of white felt, and attached to the harness via velcro. I chose a nice textured denim for the harness and straps, and dyed them purple by hand. The armor goes over the harness and attaches via velcro as well. I was actually really surprised that the whole set of armor stayed intact throughout the entire event. I was expecting things to fall off here and there, but thankfully that didn’t happen.

The shield was just ridiculous. It seems to just attach to Lightning’s arm by itself with NOTHING holding it in place. Wtf. I was pressed for time, so I just fashioned two ghetto straps and attached them to the shield LOLOL. Sword was made of the usual art board, wood, styrene, craft foam, and a lot of hotglue, which is what the little swirly whirly raised designs are made of.

The wig is new. I bought a generic straight wig for its lovely silver-pink color, which I felt was perfect for Lightning.

There are still a few things missing from the costume – an extra strap on the harness, some small details on the heels of the boots, and the Etro script on the sword and the shield. Also, a shinier coat of color for the gold parts of the armor. I’m planning on finishing up the costume sometime this year and having a proper shoot for it. Pretty hyped up about that, and I’ve a few concepts planned, but that’ll have to wait till time permits.


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