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.Tifa Lockhart.

.December 2011.Shaw Towers.Singapore.


 So, to redeem myself from that horribly inaccurate FFVII Tifa I did a few years back, I decided I’d redo it as well.

Everything in this cosplay is new, except for the boots and earrings. My fantastic tailor Jessie helped me with the pleather miniskirt and the red gloves, which were made from a two-way stretch pleather with a lovely sheen to it. Instead of the more modern interpretations of her design, I decided to go old-school all the way with the super high-waisted skirt.

 The wind on the rooftop was an absolute nightmare. It blew my wig all over the place and messed it up quite awesomely.

We managed to get some nice hair-in-the-wind shots though.

Sadly though, at the end of the day, I discovered that I lost one of my earrings. 8(

Must’ve blown off in the wind (I wear clip-ons). I’ll have to make another pair before the next shoot!


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