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Thought I’d write a bit about this project. I don’t think my work is good enough to write tutorials on, but I’ll just try to explain what I used for this prop and how I used them, and hopefully that might give you guys some ideas that you can use for your own projects.
















This took a way shorter time to complete than I expected. I basically sat down one night and finished it in a sitting, and spraypainted it the next day. The entire thing was made from extremely cheap leftover materials that I had lying around in my workspace – craft foam, foamcore, plastic sheeting (PP board from Daiso), acrylic gems, a length of PVC pipe, and a LOT of hotglue.

It was quite difficult to make out the exact details of the flute, but I was pretty sure the design is supposed to be inspired by a bird of some sort (a phoenix or peacock, perhaps).

The ‘head’ portion of the flute was a sheet of craft foam cut to shape and moulded around the pipe, and the (idk what) designs cut out with a craft knife. The ‘beak’ was carved out of foamcore, primed, and pushed into the mouth of the pipe. The other end of the flute was cut from two pieces of foamcore coated on all sides with PP sheeting, with the pipe sandwiched inbetween and glued into place.

The rest of it was just fine detailing, which I used a combination of acrylic gems, beads, and hotglue for. Be careful when drawing stuff with hotglue. Work very very very very very slowly and don’t be kanchiong (don’t panic). Practice on a scrap piece of foam or plastic before you work on the actual thing.

Spraypainted the entire thing gold, and then painted the handle a dark, dappled blue. I just went over it using a stippling motion with a dry brush, it gives this lovely textured effect, with a little of the gold base showing through. Being the failed loser that I am, I didn’t have sky blue and pink acrylics on me, so I ransacked my store of nail polish and painted the gems with that. Yay.


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