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.Tifa Lockhart.

.October 2011.Back Alley.Singapore.



I always told myself I had to redo my cosplay of Tifa. The one I did back in idk what year ages ago just didn’t quite cut it.

The thing I loved the most about Advent Children was the emotional quality it brought to the world of FFVII (not saying FFVII wasn’t epic shit, because it was).

This shoot is based off Tifa’s case in the novella On the Way to a Smile, which chronicles the days after Meteor and leading up to the events of Advent Children. Read the translation here on theLifestream.net if you haven’t. It’s a deceptively simple story, but it’s raw and emotive, and adds a whole new aspect to Tifa’s character that wasn’t apparent before.

The costume was totally remade. The vest was made from a high quality faux leather imported from the US, courtesy of a friend of mine, and made by my tailor Jessie, who also made the apron and overskirt for me. I butchered a pair of black men’s bermudas to size and length, and took the sleeves off a tiny $2 white cap-sleeved top. I chose to use a pair of heeled sneaker booties this time, which I find to be more accurate than flat sneakers. My old pearl-white teardrop earrings make an appearance again. 8D I omitted the ring on her right hand since I was going to be in gloves most of the time.

The wig is also new, styled with heat to straighten the back and curl the bangs slightly. Zero apply-on styling products were used.

Makeup was pretty heavy. I used a pair of fake lashes and double eyelid tape on the upper lashline, and filled in the bottom lashline with dark brown pencil liner. A copious amount of brown shadow was used on the eyes as well. Unfortunately, no matter how I tried, I couldn’t bully my narrow almond eyes into anything that remotely resembles Tifa’s feminine doe eyes. 8(

8( 8( 8(

Oh well, I tried LOL.

And a few extra shots unrelated to the theme of On the Way to a Smile

And finally, some REALLY unrelated/extra/retarded shots.

The alleyway saw a surprising amount of human traffic. Idk why. But anyway, my attempts to look nonchalantly inconspicuous were total fail, of course.

And cats! Socute.


I intend to plan and execute a couple more shoots for Tifa, both in this costume and her original FFVII one. And maybe a Wall Market dress LOL. Here’s hoping I have the time to do all of that. For now, I hope these photos are good enough~ Cheers!


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Lineart by hand, color scheme in PS.

I have watercolor+colorpencil plans for this. Hopefully I’ll not screw up, having totally neglected traditional medium  for goodness knows how many years.

Also, no, I’ve not forgotten the prints or the tattoos; will be added in ink after painting.

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I totally need a place to post all this shiatz.

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..Figuratively, of course.

This was another of those things that I wanted to do last minute and pushed through the sewing machine. It was pretty long ago and the costume never had a proper event or shoot, but I randomly remember the cotton for the costume being eggspensive. Wig was Lelouch wig, spiked nicely. Easy costume was easy. Got lazy though, and I bought the sword off the shelf in the end. It was really nice, but I never got to use it. Oh well.

…Okay, fine. So I’m a Narutard.


Old habits die hard, I say.

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Yes, more randomness and an inside look at what I do besides cosplay and study and gaming.


Ishida Mitsunari (1560 – 1600) was a samurai from the Sengoku Jidai and vassal of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. He’s also a playable character from Koei’s Sengoku Musou series, making his debut in the second instalment.

I think Mitsunari is an awesomely prickly character (in Sengoku Musou). They tweaked him around a little bit, particularly in the 3rd and most recent instalment, which, if I may angrily add, I will not get to play since it’s Wii exclusive. Here’s to hoping this changes. And omg! Kiyomasa and Masanori have real faces now!!11!!ONE! Masanori looks like a yankee, I highly approve. I also highly approve of the frat thing going on between the three that Koei made. And then betrayal! Pangseh! Drama plz I love it. ❤

But anyway, another random fact –

Catalogue image from CafeReo


And now, what I do besides cosplay and gaming and studying. Everything in this random post is related, you see. LOL.

With an additional huge ugly watermark, and a mask representing the label “Fox of Sawayama” which has yet to be blocked in totally lulz. It’ll probably be a few days more between classes that I manage to finish this up, probably not even halfway there yet. And skintone needs to be fixed, among other things. And also hair, though that’ll take long since I don’ t use a tablet.

Illustration has always been my first love, even before cosplay. I stopped drawing some time ago, and, well, I’m very rusty now. Hopefully with a bit of practice and random doodling like this one^, that’ll change.

And of course, if you’re wondering what’s with the sudden spammage of Mitsunari-related stuff..

Well, this is a cosplay blog, do you really need to wonder? OTL

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Picture from Classe wig catalogue

This’ll definitely be a brand that I want to try. The character wigs are all awesome, and I think the mannequin’s face is so cute LOL. Classe has a shitload of colors too. There’s probably a shade for almost every character out there.


This one looks perfect, but the 5200Y (and shipping) is enough to black both my eyes. I’d be extremely tempted to get it if I can’t find one of this color anywhere else though.

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You know how sometimes, there’s something that you absolutely want to do, but you somehow never end up doing?


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