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Thought I’d write a bit about this project. I don’t think my work is good enough to write tutorials on, but I’ll just try to explain what I used for this prop and how I used them, and hopefully that might give you guys some ideas that you can use for your own projects.
















This took a way shorter time to complete than I expected. I basically sat down one night and finished it in a sitting, and spraypainted it the next day. The entire thing was made from extremely cheap leftover materials that I had lying around in my workspace – craft foam, foamcore, plastic sheeting (PP board from Daiso), acrylic gems, a length of PVC pipe, and a LOT of hotglue.

It was quite difficult to make out the exact details of the flute, but I was pretty sure the design is supposed to be inspired by a bird of some sort (a phoenix or peacock, perhaps).

The ‘head’ portion of the flute was a sheet of craft foam cut to shape and moulded around the pipe, and the (idk what) designs cut out with a craft knife. The ‘beak’ was carved out of foamcore, primed, and pushed into the mouth of the pipe. The other end of the flute was cut from two pieces of foamcore coated on all sides with PP sheeting, with the pipe sandwiched inbetween and glued into place.

The rest of it was just fine detailing, which I used a combination of acrylic gems, beads, and hotglue for. Be careful when drawing stuff with hotglue. Work very very very very very slowly and don’t be kanchiong (don’t panic). Practice on a scrap piece of foam or plastic before you work on the actual thing.

Spraypainted the entire thing gold, and then painted the handle a dark, dappled blue. I just went over it using a stippling motion with a dry brush, it gives this lovely textured effect, with a little of the gold base showing through. Being the failed loser that I am, I didn’t have sky blue and pink acrylics on me, so I ransacked my store of nail polish and painted the gems with that. Yay.


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So, nothing much going on recently. Except maybe this.

This is just some super tedious shyt, I swear. I’m not really an armor person so I suffered doing this.

It’s mostly craft foam, and the little rivet details are just tiny acrylic gems sprayed silver together with the rest of the armor. I was seriously lazy rushing for time so I just sealed the foam with random pots of acrylic paint before spraypainting. Usually I’d go with many thin coats, but like I said, I was seriously lazy a little pressed for time so I just sprayed a whole dollop of paint over everything in two or three heavy coats.

Try not to do this if you can, LOL. The paint will crack when you flex the foam.

I kind of intended this for the second day of AFA in November, but it’s kind of like two weeks to the event and I’m not even halfway done. So I’ll probably just take it easy and postpone if I need to.

Day one, however, is a must-do. I will keel myself if I don’t manage to finish it. Nuff said.

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.. Okay, lame title. Sorry.

More progress on the pauldron. I’ve added the raised details and refined the edges of the armor. I think the hanging piece needs to be smaller, shall fix that later on. The slots cut into the raised portions are actually where the el wire is supposed to sit..

…like so. I punched holes into the pauldron and pulled the wire over and under so that it fits nicely in the slots. Though later I’ll probably need to tack it in place with nylon thread or something, I’ll see how it goes. I actually bought two pieces of wire, but it seems I’ll only need one, so there’ll only be one battery pack to fit under the armor. Yay.

So yes. There’s still a bit left to do; need to neaten up everything, add the gay emblem on the hanging piece, add the straps and spraypaint everything before I can finish with the el wire.

I’m a bit panicky now, actually. Pre-event jitters. Cosing Lightning just makes me a nervous wreck. It’s the same kind of feeling as when you have to meet a very famous person and you’re terrified that he/she’ll look down his/her nose at you and not want to talk to you at all. That kinda thing.

…you know.  .___.

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Random Update

Dead blog is dead, I’m sorry. This will change soon, I think!

Mostly, I’ve been busying myself with the everyday woes of life, and also preparations for AFA this weekend. I’m almost done. Almost. Well, not quite, actually. 8(


Anyway, here are some small updates.


(Not so) Tiny Bees are at 95%. I’ve to paint some parts of it navy blue and I’m done.

The new Lightning pauldron was a bit of a happy accident. I wanted it to be thick and heavy but be flexible enough to take a bit of damage without cracking or anything like that. I don’t have an oven to bake sculpey in, so in the end I just moulded the pauldron out of craft foam and stretched a thick sheet of jumping clay over it. I dabbed a bit of metallic paint on the surface to see how it’d take to color. Trying to go for the weathered, beaten metal appearance. Looks quite promising at the moment? I’ve marked out where the raised bits are supposed to go, and I’ll have to cut funnels in the center to slot my el wire through. Hopefully I’ll be done with Lightning’s things by tomorrow night, or Monday. I really don’t fancy chionging last minute again. 8(

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Vanille pt2

FINALLY, I have progressed!

A little bit.

There’s a shitload of beading to be done for Vanille; which I was able to complete quite quickly within two days. I plunked my fat ass in front of the TV and beaded while watching the World Cup lawl.

My poor coffee table was practically covered in beads and reference images and other random objects.

So I did an amount of beading ^ as shown…. and then I realised that they looked really ugly. Something clearly wasn’t right. Something was missing.


KNN. Unstring and re-bead.


It got done eventually, though, and I’m quite satisfied with the result. It looks somewhat accurate. I also added in some pretty glass beads that I got for a dollar a packet, just to spruce things up a little.

Too much beading. -_- I shall not attempt any character with this many beads ever again.

My boots are cute though, at least. HAHA.

I have yet to tidy up the fur LAWL it looks like it exploded or something. I found a long strip of it in the scraps basket in spotlight so I just grabbed it. It’d look pretty awesome on the collar of a jacket too, I reckon. Or cuffs. I’ve quite a lot of it left.

The boots are flatties, so they’re not entirely accurate, but oh well. It’s forgivable.



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Vanille pt1

So I lazily and sluggishly handstitched my pouch just now while watching Survivor. Miraculously I didn’t poke holes in my fingers this time. Then I got lazy and decided to do the trimming for the pouch another day. And then Survivor ended and I watched Project Runway while drafting and cutting LOL. How apt.

Anyway, here’s the pile of fabrics – light and dark pink jersey for the sash and top respectively (with ugly blue tailor chalk markings OTL sorry), the wrong side of pleather for the pouch, satin crepe for the skirt which has yet to be dyed, and the random piece of yellow cloth that goes under the pouch.

I just love this shade of orange, it’s so wonderfully bright and psychadelic LOL.

And if you’re wondering, yes, I am going to apply the yellow gradient to the skirt, and no, to those who have this strange belief that you can’t dye a gradient of a lighter color onto a darker color, I assure you, YOU CAN.

Tried and tested! Admittedly, it doesn’t show up very well here because it was all dark and everything looks washed out on digicam photos. BUT you can see the gradient. And to achieve that..

This is your best friend.


But well, yeah, this is part 1 of Vanille’s progress. I’ll update sporadically whenever I have the opportunity to work on the costume more, like beads and accessories which I’ve already bought but haven’t put them together because I abhor beading. And also, I’ll do a short writeup on dyeing gradients, BECAUSE YES PEOPLE, YOU CAN DYE A LIGHTER COLORED GRADIENT ONTO DARKER FABRIC, REALLY. I am sick of people always saying you can’t, BECAUSE YOU CAN LAH, DAMMIT. \o\

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I laugh at my own Serah Farron’s face.


LAWL okay, now that’s out of the way, I shall explain what the hell it is that’s going on. I don’t know exactly why it is that I like Serah, but I like Serah. She’s like a big driving force behind the plot of FFXIII, and she was a symbol of hope and a reserve of strength despite being a very normal, typical young girl waiting to attend university. Yeah, I do happen to like the storyline and the characters of FFXIII, and I don’t wish to play an audience to any debates on how sucky and linear the game was, or how flat the characters are. =) It strikes me as weird that people find emoCloud’s emo-ness and depressing, self-absorbed ways deeper in character than FF13’s, whom I find very real, but then again my opinion doesn’t weigh very much in the matter I suppose.

…And yes btw, I am a huge supporter of Snow and Serah’s engagement plans HAHA. <333

Also please note that in these camwhore photos taken off my compact digicam which you can see in the 2nd picture, there is no retouch applied beyond tweaking of levels (READ: ADJUSTING THE LIGHTING/BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST), and of course, a 180 flip because it’s taken in front of the mirror. I am highly tired of insinuations that I excessively shop my face and my hair color, so there you have it.

Camwhored in the hotel before heading to the con –

Alright, so to be fair, I shall leave off all this unpleasant talk and write a bit about the costume, of which there’s not very much to tell, really.

Makeup was light and simple, as is always the case for my Final Fantasy cosplays. Concealer + foundation, a very light pair of false lashes, double eyelid tape, and mascara, blusher, and then color for the brows. No shading and highlighting this time because I didn’t think it was needed. Eyeliner again kept to a very thin black liquid line on the outer corners of the upper lid along the lashline (below the falsies), and pencil liner on the outer corners of the lower lids. Silver on the inner corners. And of course, the absolute essential and every girl’s bff – LIP GLOSS LAWL.

Wig was the old Lightning wig (I realised I haven’t even posted a picture of the pretty new one LOL; this must change), I put the top half of it up into a ponytail on the side, and layered the bottom half to 2nd collar length. Of course, the ponytail is very much too short 8( I had intended to use a short wig and a clip-on extension of a brighter candy-pink tone to match the in-game model, but they’re both back in Singapore so I made do with this one.

The entire costume was -literally- handmade. Drafting on a carpeted floor was a pain but I did it anyway, and everything handstitched together. I managed to find a very lovely light pink chiffon at Spotlight which was on SALE, so I used that for the outer garment. Bright pink satin ribbon for the closures at the back.

The accessory that she wears on her bicep is exactly the same as the one Lightning wears, and on the very same arm, but I left mine in Singapore (again OTL) together with the rest of my Lightning costume. So I cut a small amount of brown pleather that was meant for Vanille’s weapon holster for this, and reinforced with interfacing. I must say, pleather looked marvelously better than the real pigs leather I used for the old one LOL. And more comfortable, too.

Her bracelet and hairtie were insanely easy. I paid a visit to daiso and bought elastic hairties and beads and charms and mixed them up and painted/bleached some to match the colors in hers –

Shoes were awesome. I managed to get a pair of offbrand grey jersey high-top sneakers for 9 bucks on sale LOL. I love sales. Painted them and replaced the lace. Yes, I know they are supposed to be boots, but I think I managed to make my humble sneakers resemble Serah’s footwear, so why not?

AND I HAVE PUT UP A PICTURE ON DA OF MY AWESOMELY SHOCKING MANRY SERAH, GO SEE IT; photo courtesy of Tammy from CNZ, thank you very much ❤

I’ll be redoing Serah when I go back home to Sg for my holiday. (God forbid, I know HAHAHA). But I really need to correct the mistakes of the too-short wig and the missing accessories. AND I WANTS A SNOW 8(

But anyway, on to other FFXIII characters now, then.

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