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AFA 2011

AFA. Finally, it came and it went. I’m going to just compress two days of content into one entry, or else I’d just get lazy after writing the first and totally forget about the second.

— — —

On Saturday, I met up with my partner for the day, Kazeki, early in the morning, after which we prepped and headed to the Japanese Gardens for a pre-event shoot. As always, unpredictable weathers follows our every move doggedly and we found ourselves having to take shelter.

Kazeki makes a superduper sexy Kasumi! Check out her dA gallery here for more of her cosplays.

Ayane’s outfit was pretty simple, I managed to finish it quite fast. I wanted to make the sleeves slightly wider for dramatic effect, but I ran out of fabric. 8( Oh well. I cut the dress like a bustier with hidden wire support and padding LOL so it would hold up by itself, which it did, but dayum, did I feel so insecure. Hate strapless dresses. The obi was a bit troublesome because it was really difficult to locate an orange fabric with authentic floral prints, everything was either too red or too yellow. In the end, I decided to just splurge on this eggspensive cotton with hanabi prints. Trimmed it with champagne-gold satin and reinforced it with idk how many layers of interfacing. I was seriously contemplating sewing boning into the bow to make it stand, but I figured it’d be too heavy and I’d be a hunchbacked kunoichi. DNW. The little pink butterfly was drawn on by hand with metallic fabric paint.

— — —

For all you guys who’ve seen my previous blog entries, you’d probably know that I’d been working on Lightning’s FFXIII-2 outfit. I said I probably wouldn’t debut it at AFA because I was too pressed for time, but I made it! It’s a good feeling.

 Truthfully, the day was a whole rollercoaster of ups and downs. I was frustrated in the morning because of a few complications with the wig, frutstrated halfway through the event because of the mad crowd, inconsiderate event-goers, and rude photogs, but ultimately, I’ve never felt so accomplished before.

If I brushed anyone off when asking me for a photo, I really want to apologise for that. I think I may have done that to one or two people while fighting to get from one end of the floor to the next. It was the first time I was cheesed off at an event enough to do that, but regardless of any reason I might’ve had for doing so, it was nasty of me and I apologise.

Unless, of course, you were one of those stupid pricks who just saw fit to spam your camera away while I was adjusting my costume/talking to a friend/resting/eating/drinking/etc.


I met up with friends and my partner for the day at the event area itself after donning the costume.

Seras as Snow Villiers!

He gave our characters nicknames – Roll-in-the-Dirt-Snow and Ass-Exposure-Lightning.

I also met up with my awesome knight, Odin! Unfortunately it was so late in the day and we didn’t get any shots together. 8(

I’ve gotten a lot of comments from people saying how expensive this must have been. Actually, it didn’t cost much. The most expensive part of the costume was probably all those feathers. I used ten packs of quill feathers for the bottom half of the piece, and they were glued layer by layer to the base which was a long piece of white felt, and attached to the harness via velcro. I chose a nice textured denim for the harness and straps, and dyed them purple by hand. The armor goes over the harness and attaches via velcro as well. I was actually really surprised that the whole set of armor stayed intact throughout the entire event. I was expecting things to fall off here and there, but thankfully that didn’t happen.

The shield was just ridiculous. It seems to just attach to Lightning’s arm by itself with NOTHING holding it in place. Wtf. I was pressed for time, so I just fashioned two ghetto straps and attached them to the shield LOLOL. Sword was made of the usual art board, wood, styrene, craft foam, and a lot of hotglue, which is what the little swirly whirly raised designs are made of.

The wig is new. I bought a generic straight wig for its lovely silver-pink color, which I felt was perfect for Lightning.

There are still a few things missing from the costume – an extra strap on the harness, some small details on the heels of the boots, and the Etro script on the sword and the shield. Also, a shinier coat of color for the gold parts of the armor. I’m planning on finishing up the costume sometime this year and having a proper shoot for it. Pretty hyped up about that, and I’ve a few concepts planned, but that’ll have to wait till time permits.


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..In which an old favourite is revisted, friends come together, and Shizu fangirls terribly.



Finally, after quite a bit of chionging, I managed to appear at the first day of AFA 2010 as Lightning! Truthfully I take credit for very few things this time, besides the accessories and armor and styling and stuff like that; a LOT of this new costume was commissioned. Thank you Jessie for the awesome new jacket, it’s absolutely PERFECT. I was dissatisfied with the old one so I went shopping for some nice jersey and sent it to the tailor. Stretch fabric works so much better for this garment.

The wig is also new. I wanted this cos to look as natural as possible so instead of spraying the wig to death with gatsby, I just got a heat resistant wig and used a straightener to flip the ends up after cutting it to style. A very small amount of wax was used to bunch the hair to make spikes.

As much as I love the color and texture of this wig, I have issues with it because the back is a bit unruly and the curls are not quite right. But it’s nothing that can’t be fixed before a shoot or something.

Makeup was very very very light, which is unusual for cosplay but it works here. This is the first time I’m cosplaying without eyeliner but I can’t say I dislike the result.

— — —

So. I had very little sleep the previous night because I was anxious OTL

Cosplaying Lightning is very stressful for me. I find that because she’s such an awesome character and she looks so epic and everything, it’s a bit hard for me to match her character.

I was actually supposed to have a partner for this event, but he felt that he wasn’t ready to debut, so I respect his decision. No worries dude, we’ll have an epic shoot with crystals and a storm of rose petals! \o\

When I got there the event space was just packed. Like, totally packed. Luckily though, hall 404 was empty so a lot of cosplayers were able to retreat into that area and seek refuge from the mad crowds of horrible rude jostling people. <_< Unfortunately, I won’t be able to give a very good account of the ideal AFA experience because most of my time was spent in hall 404 running around and meeting friends and posing for pictures.

After a while of running around, things started to fall off my costume. By the time my pauldron came off and refused to go back onto my shoulder, I decided to call it a day and camwhore with friends instead. Didn’t spend very long in costume at all, but it was fun while it lasted.

…And on to more pictures!

^With Rieyn. Pretty, isn’t she! <333


^Reiko and Viospace as Alice and Boris from Alice of the Country of Hearts.

Also, it’s at this point that I feel I must warn my readers – I will make the same peace sign in most camwhore shots in the rest of this entry. I apologise for making ya’ll sick of the wonderful universal peace sign but sadly I’m bad at camwhoring so ya’ll have to just DEAL WITH IT. BWAHAHA. (Y)


I was so happy to see Kynkyn again! She looked absolutely gorgeous in her Namie Amuro outfit which, incidentally, is my favourite image of Namie. Hope you had fun in SG again, babe!

..and I make the peace sign as she poses glamourously.


I met Lina Lau who came for AFA! Doesn’t she look so effing cool. She has awesome cosplays, total respect (Y) And she’s really nice too. Thanks for the very pretty cure cards! ❤


Photographer Shiro Ang! And I make my best blowfish impression.


Jes! ❤ Super shuai Blood Dupre, I SO approve. And I spy with my little eye, Jojo aka blacklash90 as a very adorable Peter White attempting to photobomb. ❤

Anyway, thanks so much Jesuke for constantly checking the back of my wig and helping me fix it. It would probably have chuied all the way if she hadn’t been helping me <333


Shiroin, mad hilarious. (Y)


Also met up with Naoko! Hullo! And also, Beckie as Ranka Lee.

Not in picture – Kirisaki’s Sheryl Nome  because she went home early. 8(


LOOK. IT’S EFFING BAYONETTA IN THE FLESH. Anubis is totally THE hair witch. Best ever.


And I took pictures with the Hakuoki boys! Thank you Daryl, very shuai Saito plz!


And Isaac was a very cool Sano, but we made stupid fish faces at my phone. Oh noes.


And then there was the very epic Sephiroth that reduced me into a screaming ninny of a fangirl. I fangirled, and the cameras caught it. They also caught Kadaj (Holy) adjusting his hair in the background. I apologise sincerely to Lightning fans for totally disregarding her cool image for a few minutes. However..


And that concludes my rather airheaded post. Day 2 entry will be up soon, do continue reading TYVM! <333

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EOY 2009

This is a very very overdue post.

EOY 2009 was held on the 26th of December 2009 at the Drama Center, in the National Library of Singapore. Weird location, I know. At first, I was kind of nodding along with the location choice because it looked posh and larger than Expo, and aircon (LULZ). But it just didn’t live up to it. It was crowded enough that you had to slow to a snail pace and queue to walk anywhere, and in the end cosplayers just spilled out into the first floor (which wasn’t airconditioned orz). Nevertheless, I’m very very very glad that someone continued with EOY, and I’m really grateful that the event happened.

Initially, we were an all-girls Samurai Warriors 3 team, keeping in line with our all-girls Dynasty Warriors 6 team last year.  But as always, shit happened and we had a change of plans (OTL sorry Jes for making you chiong your Inahime for nothing )8 Nouhime weeps) . So a few days before EOY, we decided over the phone and MSN that we would try for Final Fantasy XIII instead.

Now, you must first understand how important this FFXIII cos was to me LOL. I’m a bit of an FF nut, and I think FFXIII is a masterpiece. Lightning was planned all the way back when the first trailers were released, but I didn’t actually get started on the costume till very much later, and even then the task was beset with all sorts of suay shit. I was working halfway through my costume when it was accidentally packed up and thrown away together with the household trash. I frantically searched for it for a few days till it became apparent that I wouldn’t find it.

At that point of time I didn’t know whether to rage or to just sit down and forget about the cosplay altogether. It was so frustrating to have work that you put together with your own hands just go to waste like that.

Then,  my resolve hardened and I decided that no matter what, I had to get this done for EOY. Off to Jessie (my awesome tailor) it was. She was brilliant as always and did an awesome job with the base costume under the time constraint. <333 Sadly I didn’t do a good job in envisioning the cut of the jacket, and thus gave her incorrect direction. 8( But that’s a rant for another time. I collected and completed the costume, and finished up my Blaze Edge, and helped out with bits and pieces of my teammates’ things.

I remember being extremely nervous because a Lightning cosplay is, to me, a big pair of shoes to fill. FFXIII is such a beautiful, emotional piece of work with deep, real characters and I was so afraid of failure, afraid of not being able to bring the character out, afraid of disappointing myself, afraid of disappointing other fans of the character.

I won’t claim to have done fantastically, even now, but there was that certain magic of finally putting on everything and walking into the event space as the character and finding that you’re not nervous anymore. I love that feeling about events.


In the morning, I prepped at home and wore everything, and Jes came to pick me up from my place, after which we went to get Beckie, and off to the event it was. Kiri joined us a while later in the washroom. It was sad that Para, who was supposed to be Serah that day, couldn’t make it to the event; she was sorely missed 8(

As is always the case with events, my costume didn’t stay together LOL. The crowds were just gay and some people were rude; they brush past and shove without any apology or so much as a backward glance. Typical. I lost a couple of silver straps on my boots, among other things, which fell off and could not be located after too many people jostled their way past me.


A few photos from the event! Some photos have been watermarked by their respective photographers. I mixed up the IDs for the un-watermarked ones, so I haven’t credited them properly, so sorry OTL. So if you see a photograph that you know to have been taken by yourself, your friend, or someone you know, yadda yadda, please inform me and I’ll put up the credits accordingly!  Thank you very much ❤

Lightning – Shizuka aka myself

Snow – Jesuke

Oerba Dia Vanille – Beckie

Hope Estheim – Kirisaki

photo by Omake Studios

Omake-tachi were quite awesome at EOY. They’d brought all their equipment and strobes and everything, and they made a makeshift studio setting on the first floor. Awesome takes are awesome, guys.

photo by Kula

photog ID? 8(

photo by superpixel

In retrospect, the National Library had quite a number of good backdrops for cosplayers to pose against. It’s a shame there’s no aircon on the first floor HAHAHA. *aircon-obsessed*

photo by .WINDY.

photog ID please? 8(

And here you can see a bit of the awesome props of the Sengoku Basara team in the background. They were awesome and deserve immense respect. I don’t even want to imagine how they were able to transport their huge props to the event and still keep them in good condition throughout the day! And trust me, they were visually stunning and very authentic. Total respect, people.

photo by AlvinZ

This is highly unrepresentative of the crowd at EOY LOL. I swear, it was like standing in the express bus going into the city at peak hour. You can’t move freely. You can’t walk with a stride of more than 30cm. You have to wriggle your way about and hang the words “excuse me” on the tip of your tongue and repeat them like a mantra and continuously glare at retards who bump into your props or costume without saying sorry, and some actually step on your feet more than two times in a row.

And random photos from our own cameras LOL. I swear, we took more. I must go pester people for more EOY camwhore shots HAHA.

I had one of those idiotic Gintama moments, My expression cannot be explained. AND HERE YOU CAN SEE A BIT OF THE CROWD BEHIND. ONLY THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG I TELL YOU.

Vanille is nowhere to be seen because she pranced to the washroom to change out and missed out on all the phun. >8(

AND MY TWO FAVOURITE COSPLAYS OF THE EVENT. SO CUTE, RIGHT!!!!! I had a total squealy fangirly moment there and so I ran over to have a picture with them. SO ADORABLE. I PRAY TO SEE THEM AGAIN AT THE NEXT EOY. <33333 And yeah this was at the end of the event where everyone was changing out of their costumes. Btw yes. The black spandex shorts you see under my skirt are part of the costume. Lightning wears that. I am not zaogeng-ing.

I had so much fun at EOY, and everyone was awesome, and I totally love my FFXIII teammates. You guys are so much love ❤ This was the last major event I attended before coming to New Zealand, and I was so glad I spent it on FFXIII. I’ll not be in Singapore for a while now but I’ll be back for a bit during summer break, so see you guys at EOY2010! Assuming there is one, which I will definitely be praying for OTL

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It was yesterday! Initially, I was quite sian about it because all I wanted to do was stay home and finish my accessories and headpiece and stuff for my purple babydoll dress. But I’m glad I went in the end. Our Army of Sheryl’s was quite awesome. 8D

I met up with Yumi and Jes at Tampines and we MRT-ed down to Clarke Quay, then walked to Liang Court. Long and disgusting journey, if you ask me. The sun was like beating down on our backs like some evil slavedriver with a blazing evil whip of sunny doom. But anyway, we made our way there and prepped at the 3rd floor toilet. When we entered the toilet, it was quite ulu and quiet, and there wasn’t really anyone there. Nice. Para came then, and we finished prepping. Thanks Para and Jes for helping me pin the big bow on my butt! <33

When we left the toilet, I think we attracted a lot of attention. Hahaha. I guess it’s not everyday you see four Sheryls walking arund together. I never really paid attention to much of the event itself; most of the time we were just milling around having fun. We just sat/stood around and made a lot of noise. Hahaha.

Anyway, a few pictures!


I think this is the only photo I have of all five of us together. Thanks Spikeout for the picture!


As watermark, by Botak Ahpek. Thanks!


Thanks, Kaoru!

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This fell like in the middle of my FYP. I went, regardless. I was supposed to have an Samurai7 (七人の侍) team, but everybody dropped out for some reason or another, and we were left with two – Kyuzo and Ukyo.

I wasn’t very happy with how my Kyuzo turned out. The hair wasn’t poofy enough, despite much backcombing and spraying and hairdrying, and the swords were not accurate. I still went ahead with it though, because I couldn’t pangseh Ukyo who’d stayed up through most of Friday night sewing her costume.

Valda came to my place in the morning to help with carrying my stuff as usual (thanks Valda 8D) and we met Marche on the MRT and Goofy at Clementi. Since we were running damn late, we dapao-ed some food from subway to eat at the event. And I must say, this was probably the most slack and uneventful time I’ve ever spent at an event. It was probably more like a small private shoot or something. LOL. We spent most of the time away from the main event venue taking pictures, eating, slacking away, and talking rot. But it was definitely so much fun.

_img_8469Note the black rings under my tired eyes, barely hidden by a mountain of concealer and violent slashes of silver eyeliner. -.-lll

img_8491-copyUkyo, a ghey man who loves women. 8D



Credit goes to Zettai for all these photos.

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On the morning of EOY 2008, I had my DW girls come over to my place to prep for the event. As usual, we took a long time, and when we actually got to Expo it was already late morning. There were still some bits of costume to put on at the venue itself.

Usually I go solo for events, but it was so fun this time! I totally love my DW girls. And of course, my super saikang warriors.

We met up with Paradox, Miki and Golden Feline at the event after we were done prepping, and our time was just spent walking around, posing for shots and being retarded and having fun, generally. Zettai came later, and was responsible for the epic title picture. My favourite picture of the day, btw. She’s a genius with angles, and actually managed to make my flabs disappear in that shot. 

All in all, it was a great day, even if my feet nearly died from the high heels. We went for dinner at T3’s Popeyes after the event, and exhausted, departed for home soon after.

The costume isn’t perhaps the most accurate Zhen Ji costume ever, but I’m extremely pleased with the way it turned out. The Cheongsam and inner dress were tailor-made. I scoured stores for the correct shade of off-white bridal satin, dyed the blue gradients, and sent it off to the tailor who did a fantastic job with it. The inner dress was made from a cobalt blue satin, and fully boned. I managed the rest of the costume. The blue petal headpiece was made from lace layered over plastic sheeting and attached to a hairband. The silver hairpin thing was also shaped from plastic, and embellished with a mix of swarovski crystals and acrylic beading. Shoes were normal high-heeled pumps sprayed a cobalt-to-black gradient. I layered the same blue lace from the headpiece over the shoes, and stayed them with fabric stiffener. Earrings are inaccurate, but I chose them because they matched with the gems on the headpiece. The gloves were made with the help of my mother, who sews so much better than I do OTL.

The whip was made from scratch, as is always the case with my props. I think I’ll make a separate post on construction since I intend to take some portions apart and redo them. Some segments kinda went buang at the event because I was dragging it around and it was getting stepped on.

Now, pictures.

_iw0s42951.Photo credited to Garion.

_img_7612.Photo credited to Zettai.

s_dsc_3276.Photo credited to Miki (dooodles).

I’ll not post any more photos from EOY here. There are quite a few available elsewhere, haha. There’ll be a photoshoot with my DW girls team in 2009, which I can’t wait for.

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I woke up at 8am, and despite a lot of shit happening, I managed to make it to the event, one hour late. ._.

Met Valda, my super super saikang warrior on the bus. Thank you Valda, for taking care of my stuff and buying me drinks and holding my reference journal AKA my PSP for me. <333 As always, ever the professional saikang. Hope you had fun yesterday too, yeah?

I cosplayed Hibari Kyoya of Hitman Reborn! fame. Can’t really say I did very well. I struggled a bit with the portrayal; it didn’t come to me as easily as Kanda’s or Ayane’s, like I thought it would. But oh well. I’ll totally do better next time.

Before I move on to the pictures, an important disclaimer – Hibird (the little yellow bird on my shoulder) belongs to seijiro-, aka unlimystic. She made it, it belongs to her, and she was extremely generous so as to lend it to me because I couldn’t make my own on time for the event. Any compliments regarding Hibird should be directed to her, and not me.  In my opinion, Hibird totally made this cosplay work, so thanks a lot, Sei! <333

The tonfas and fuuki armband were made by me, though. Hibari’s jacket was modified from an old gakuran blazer.

I had the good fortune of working with Ahbu again! She’s the awesomeness. Haven’t worked with her in ages. Ahbu, thanks for the fantastic photos! You actually made me look good in your pictures! <33

More coverage comes later on in the week, perhaps when I’m feeling less lazy. XD I just want to sit down and nua my ass off now because I have work tomorrow again. Ciao!

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