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Moving to a new blog!

Won’t be updating this one anymore (not like I was, previously ^^;), so please follow the new one. Thank you!


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Cosplay Generation

“Cosplay Gen, a project brought by the Otaku Magazine team, is an independent magazine focused on the worldwide promoting of cosplayers and of various Japanese fashion trends. The 72 pages of the magazine will include mini-interviews featuring cosplayers from around the world and their amazing work; extended interviews; reviews from various cosplay events; articles centered on cosplay photography, cosplay trends, and Japanese fashion; tutorials; and also a beginner’s corner.

It’s a project born out of our love for cosplay and for Japanese contemporary fashion culture, and from the continuous need to bring these in the spotlight. We consider that a good project is always a useful one, regardless the many other existing similar means, and from this point of view there’s no such thing as “enough”. Therefore, in our attempt, we tried to collaborate with the best contributors and bring forth materials that would address to a very heterogeneous public interested in cosplay and Japanese fashion.”

– CosplayGen@dA


— — —

Because I could never describe the project better than the Otaku Magazine Team themselves. Yes, it’s a magazine centered on subculture, particularly cosplay, and they feature cosplayers from across the globe, including my own Lightning and many other talented individuals.  

So just to spread awareness of this project –


I believe you can place preorders now! And Jes’ Joker is on the cover of the first issue which I think is mad cool. ❤

And also, a big thank you to the Otaku Mag Team for organising this project, and executing it in a thoroughly professional and effecient manner. CosplayGen is looking to be a stunning success; I’m quite excited to get my own copy.




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Vampire Knight

.Vampire Knight.

.9th January 2009.Studio setting.Singapore.


.Special Thanks.:Kaze.Blacklash90.


Rieyn as Cross Yuuki

Shizuka as Kuran Kaname

Kirisaki and May were shooting in the morning to late afternoon as the awesome Kagamine twins from Vocaloid’s Grave of the Scarlet Dragon PV, and then Yumi was shooting her Stella Nox Fleuret in the evening. ❤ So we were pretty much all having fun together during the shoots. Also, thank you Omake-tachi for the awesome delicious steamboat dinner. I feel so bad because I can’t cook good food for nuts and all I can do is sit around and wait to be served all the time OTL. Also, thanks so much Kaze and family for being so hospitable in having us over. ❤

Not much to note about Kaname. I was initially concerned that I might look fat since it’s a white costume and it’s thick and has like three layers to it, but surprisingly I looked okay. I struggled a bit in deciding how exactly the wig should be styled, because I don’t really understand how the art in Vampire Knight translates to real life. ORZ. It’s all like, wispy and soft-ish but you have strands flowing randomly and.. you get the idea. Rieyn’s wig is perfect and it looks exactly like in the manga, I have no idea how she did it.  Don’t you just think she’s the most awesome Yuuki ever? <333 Anyway, in the end I just added mad layers to the crown and tousled it a bit, thinned the bangs, made a slight parting and left bits of hair hanging over the face.

Makeup was another thing to seriously think about lol. I was kind of struggling with whether I should go for the translucent, white classic vampire look, or if I should follow the Vampire Knight  artwork. Up till now I don’t really know what I exactly I was trying to do hahahaha. OTZ. But anyway, a lot of highlighting, especially on the bridge of the nose and cheekbones, and a lot of shadow (brown on the upper lids and red-brown on the lower lids), and I cut very shallow double lids. And I deliberately left my nails long LOL. Was actually wondering if I should apply a very thin coat of silver gloss on my nails but didn’t, in the end. Should I? I’ll have to think about it more for the next shoot.

Portrayal and facial expressions was.. meh. Kaname was a difficult character for me. I’ll have to work on this more. I find that he has this slight burdened look to him, even though a large part of his character is shrouded in mystery. And the range of facial expressions in the VK art isn’t exactly very comprehensive for reference LOL. I’ll try harder next time.

Yes, Rieyn and I were wearing maroon contact lenses from MAXI EYES. It’s a wonderful color for Vampire Knight characters, don’t you think?

Next VK shoot – Vampire Knight Guilty! When I get back to Singapore, that is.

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.AllenWalker.KandaYuu.8th September 2009. .Old Supreme Court. Singapore.

.Photography.: Rescend.WINDY.

I hadn’t actually had a proper shoot for my 1st uniform, so I rang up Kirisaki and asked if she wanted to shoot her Allen Walker with me before our official team shoots.

When we got to the Old Supreme Court, we were all quite WTF. The beautiful architecture and majestic stone columns were marred by a giant multicolored Youth Games clock.




There were also rows of hideous lights lined up along the corridors, which restricted our shooting space. Not to mention it just made the place look butt ugly. =.= Nevertheless, we started our shoot in the evening, and wrapped up after nightfall.

We decided to base the concept of the shoot roughly on the happenings in episode 2 of the anime, where Allen arrives at the Black Order Headquarters and finds himself at the mercy of Kanda’s awesome temper. The scene where Komui halt’s Kanda’s assault the split second before it reaches Allen’s face was an epic, epic, epic thing to try and portray LOL. Kiri gives the most epic D8 expression. Ever. When we were posing for that shot, my lungs nearly died from trying to keep my laughter in.

‘Nuff said. ❤


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.Sebastian Michaelis. .24th July 2009. .Studio Venue. Singapore.

.Photography.: Zettai.

Argh. Sebastian. I did a bit of running around the week before getting all the accessories for the trial shoot so I was kinda tired by Friday. Plus I was kind of stressed because a lot of people like Sebastian and my face isn’t long or sharp enough LOL. But oh well the shoot’s done!

This version is the “Black Host” illustration on the inner cover of the first volume.


Nothing much to note, really. Just that there were several kids in the makeshift studio and they kept making me am chio the whole day OTL. Trimmed the wig and used the last of my Jacqueline on it. 8( I have to buy more. Red eyes were shopped from blue encore lenses. Didn’t have red lenses on me. I chose a red satin shirt because it’s like more high class and elegant and all that shit, plus it matches the eye color.

And I want to KPKB about my ugly brows. I shall just throw accuracy out the window and not draw them so angled next time. =.=lll Also, need to get new foundation. This one not white enough.





Sorry if I f*cked any fangirls’ Sebby. OTL. Thank you for viewing!

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Cosfest 09 Day 1

Day I was Kagami (AGAIN). I was puzzling over what to cos for that seemingly free day, when I figured I should redeem myself from that first failed cos of him. Yeah, the wig was screwed, the makeup was fail, and I wore the earring on the wrong ear. Major WTF there. But anyway I re-cosed him.


I met up with Kiri in the morning at Pasir Ris interchange. It was stupid because neither of us realised that our respective buses actually stop at Downtown East.  -.-lll But oh well. We ate at BK, or rather, I TRIED to eat. Halfway through my hershey’s sundae pie I saw an unsightly thing in white PVC and then I lost my appetite and decided to forgo the rest of my lunch. 8( We then met up with Para, Zettai and Stanlet and did our styling and donned our costumes.

Erh, notes on Kagami. Nothing much, really. Almost everything was from the old Kagami cos. White blazer was from my wardrobe, purple shirt was dyed purple ages ago because they didn’t sell purple shirts at that time. -.- Earring was miraculously found in my closet. Made that in 2007 for the old cos. Wig is new. I bought this for Cloud, but it works for Kagami too. Nice and thick and easy to spike and style.


Photos in this post are all from Zettai.

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.Sheryl Nome. .25th June 2009. .T3. .Singapore.

Photography.: Zettai.

Special Thanks.: Kirisaki.Stanley.Deypherus.

Ahbu had some free time on Thursday before her lecture, so we decided to shoot Sheryl at T3. Met up with Valda in the morning for breakfast and she helped me fix up my new earring. Thanks Valda .8D The old one was too small and couldn’t really be seen in pictures, so I spent some time a few months back hunting around for bigger gems and bigger hoops. Had lunch at Popeyes with ginnah and Felicia, whom I haven’t seen in ages lol, the siao zha bor.

I made a few very small changes to the costume since I last wore it at Kurobara in March. Reworked the skirt and added a pannier for more shape. Got new white heels. Repaired frayed trimming on the bodice. Replaced lace-ups. Also, bought blue socks because the old purple ones just looked wrong.

I’d wanted to try something new with this photoset but it was difficult and didn’t turn out very well. AHBU, WE MUST TRY THIS AGAIN.

I’m quite happy with my portrayal of Sheryl. It wasn’t very difficult to get into the character. Though I must say, I feel that my face shape doesn’t really match Sheryl’s. LOL. I guess, no matter how much makeup or what kind of makeup, I won’t be able to change the structure of my face. *shrugs*

I’ll probably still be doing other outfits though. Next should be the *coughthepurplebabydollcough* which should be quite soon once I finish the last of the accessories. Or Star Date, which I’ve finished sewing ages ago 8( and is collecting dust on my table. ORZ.

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