..In which an old favourite is revisted, friends come together, and Shizu fangirls terribly.



Finally, after quite a bit of chionging, I managed to appear at the first day of AFA 2010 as Lightning! Truthfully I take credit for very few things this time, besides the accessories and armor and styling and stuff like that; a LOT of this new costume was commissioned. Thank you Jessie for the awesome new jacket, it’s absolutely PERFECT. I was dissatisfied with the old one so I went shopping for some nice jersey and sent it to the tailor. Stretch fabric works so much better for this garment.

The wig is also new. I wanted this cos to look as natural as possible so instead of spraying the wig to death with gatsby, I just got a heat resistant wig and used a straightener to flip the ends up after cutting it to style. A very small amount of wax was used to bunch the hair to make spikes.

As much as I love the color and texture of this wig, I have issues with it because the back is a bit unruly and the curls are not quite right. But it’s nothing that can’t be fixed before a shoot or something.

Makeup was very very very light, which is unusual for cosplay but it works here. This is the first time I’m cosplaying without eyeliner but I can’t say I dislike the result.

— — —

So. I had very little sleep the previous night because I was anxious OTL

Cosplaying Lightning is very stressful for me. I find that because she’s such an awesome character and she looks so epic and everything, it’s a bit hard for me to match her character.

I was actually supposed to have a partner for this event, but he felt that he wasn’t ready to debut, so I respect his decision. No worries dude, we’ll have an epic shoot with crystals and a storm of rose petals! \o\

When I got there the event space was just packed. Like, totally packed. Luckily though, hall 404 was empty so a lot of cosplayers were able to retreat into that area and seek refuge from the mad crowds of horrible rude jostling people. <_< Unfortunately, I won’t be able to give a very good account of the ideal AFA experience because most of my time was spent in hall 404 running around and meeting friends and posing for pictures.

After a while of running around, things started to fall off my costume. By the time my pauldron came off and refused to go back onto my shoulder, I decided to call it a day and camwhore with friends instead. Didn’t spend very long in costume at all, but it was fun while it lasted.

…And on to more pictures!

^With Rieyn. Pretty, isn’t she! <333


^Reiko and Viospace as Alice and Boris from Alice of the Country of Hearts.

Also, it’s at this point that I feel I must warn my readers – I will make the same peace sign in most camwhore shots in the rest of this entry. I apologise for making ya’ll sick of the wonderful universal peace sign but sadly I’m bad at camwhoring so ya’ll have to just DEAL WITH IT. BWAHAHA. (Y)


I was so happy to see Kynkyn again! She looked absolutely gorgeous in her Namie Amuro outfit which, incidentally, is my favourite image of Namie. Hope you had fun in SG again, babe!

..and I make the peace sign as she poses glamourously.


I met Lina Lau who came for AFA! Doesn’t she look so effing cool. She has awesome cosplays, total respect (Y) And she’s really nice too. Thanks for the very pretty cure cards! ❤


Photographer Shiro Ang! And I make my best blowfish impression.


Jes! ❤ Super shuai Blood Dupre, I SO approve. And I spy with my little eye, Jojo aka blacklash90 as a very adorable Peter White attempting to photobomb. ❤

Anyway, thanks so much Jesuke for constantly checking the back of my wig and helping me fix it. It would probably have chuied all the way if she hadn’t been helping me <333


Shiroin, mad hilarious. (Y)


Also met up with Naoko! Hullo! And also, Beckie as Ranka Lee.

Not in picture – Kirisaki’s Sheryl Nome  because she went home early. 8(


LOOK. IT’S EFFING BAYONETTA IN THE FLESH. Anubis is totally THE hair witch. Best ever.


And I took pictures with the Hakuoki boys! Thank you Daryl, very shuai Saito plz!


And Isaac was a very cool Sano, but we made stupid fish faces at my phone. Oh noes.


And then there was the very epic Sephiroth that reduced me into a screaming ninny of a fangirl. I fangirled, and the cameras caught it. They also caught Kadaj (Holy) adjusting his hair in the background. I apologise sincerely to Lightning fans for totally disregarding her cool image for a few minutes. However..


And that concludes my rather airheaded post. Day 2 entry will be up soon, do continue reading TYVM! <333


and there was LIGHT.

.. Okay, lame title. Sorry.

More progress on the pauldron. I’ve added the raised details and refined the edges of the armor. I think the hanging piece needs to be smaller, shall fix that later on. The slots cut into the raised portions are actually where the el wire is supposed to sit..

…like so. I punched holes into the pauldron and pulled the wire over and under so that it fits nicely in the slots. Though later I’ll probably need to tack it in place with nylon thread or something, I’ll see how it goes. I actually bought two pieces of wire, but it seems I’ll only need one, so there’ll only be one battery pack to fit under the armor. Yay.

So yes. There’s still a bit left to do; need to neaten up everything, add the gay emblem on the hanging piece, add the straps and spraypaint everything before I can finish with the el wire.

I’m a bit panicky now, actually. Pre-event jitters. Cosing Lightning just makes me a nervous wreck. It’s the same kind of feeling as when you have to meet a very famous person and you’re terrified that he/she’ll look down his/her nose at you and not want to talk to you at all. That kinda thing.

…you know.  .___.

Random Update

Dead blog is dead, I’m sorry. This will change soon, I think!

Mostly, I’ve been busying myself with the everyday woes of life, and also preparations for AFA this weekend. I’m almost done. Almost. Well, not quite, actually. 8(


Anyway, here are some small updates.


(Not so) Tiny Bees are at 95%. I’ve to paint some parts of it navy blue and I’m done.

The new Lightning pauldron was a bit of a happy accident. I wanted it to be thick and heavy but be flexible enough to take a bit of damage without cracking or anything like that. I don’t have an oven to bake sculpey in, so in the end I just moulded the pauldron out of craft foam and stretched a thick sheet of jumping clay over it. I dabbed a bit of metallic paint on the surface to see how it’d take to color. Trying to go for the weathered, beaten metal appearance. Looks quite promising at the moment? I’ve marked out where the raised bits are supposed to go, and I’ll have to cut funnels in the center to slot my el wire through. Hopefully I’ll be done with Lightning’s things by tomorrow night, or Monday. I really don’t fancy chionging last minute again. 8(

Studio Shoot – NANA


.Oosaki Nana.

.8th July 2010.Studio Setting.Singapore.


.Special Thanks.:Rieyn.

This was shot on the same day as Serah. After Serah, I just changed into this outfit and wig and piled on the eyeshadow. And also, the very red and very eye-smacking red lipstick which I’ll never ever ever wear in real life.

No notes on the costume. It wasn’t even a costume, really. I had everything in my closet so I just dug it out. My armor ring is of course not authentic. LOL.


And a few shots featuring Rieyn ❤

I’ll do another outfit in future. Please look forward to it!

Artwork – Fang I

Lineart by hand, color scheme in PS.

I have watercolor+colorpencil plans for this. Hopefully I’ll not screw up, having totally neglected traditional medium  for goodness knows how many years.

Also, no, I’ve not forgotten the prints or the tattoos; will be added in ink after painting.

Artwork – Lightning 1

I totally need a place to post all this shiatz.

This was epic, mainly because I randomly rang Rieyn up at some obscene hour of the morning just to ask if she wanted to come down. HAHAHAHA. Sorry Riri, but I think we all managed to have fun LOL.


.Serah Farron.

.8th July 2010.Studio Setting.Singapore.


.Special Thanks.:Rieyn.

I brought Serah’s things back home for a shoot! The only things new here are the wig, socks, and leg accessories. I absolutely swear by socks from that Tampines Mall cart. I’m telling you, you can’t get smoother, more comfortable or opaque thigh-highs anywhere else for just $12.

The wig this time is a short base wig + clip on extension. Serah has the most ridiculous hair ever. It’s layered short at the bottom and the middle which makes up the ponytail is long. WTF? Nosrsly Serah, whut?

Anyway, it should be pretty obvious that cute, moe young girls aren’t my forte, and I probably shouldn’t have, but what the heck, I love FF13 too much to leave well alone.

I imagined pre-L’Cie Serah to be a carefree, modern, and slightly mischievious girl. From the game we observe that she’s also quite forward in her speech and actions, and though not as harsh and caustic as her sister, she’s also of a very strong-willed personality.

Back view; the satin ribbons were a bitch to stitch onto the chiffon, but it does look very pretty ❤ And accurate.

I actually spent quite some time digging around for chiffon of a very light pink accurate to her cgi render, but I’m terribly sad that the color doesn’t show up in photos. 8( Oh well.

And a few extra shots –

^Jorlene called during the shoot bearing some interesting piece of gossip which totally made my day. HAHAHA.

^With Rieyn, who, incidentally, I feel will make an awesome Serah. RIRI WHY ARE YOU SO SLIM. ❤

After Serah, I changed into my NANA getup, but I’ll leave that part of the day to another entry, or risk my readers suffering extreme boredom LOL.